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  • Aerial View Of Water Treatment Plant In Dekalb Illinois, water management.

    Smart Water at WEFTEC

    24-28 September 2016, New Orleans, US

    Visit booths 5713 and 5613 to explore our growing portfolio of smart water applications.

Smart Water Solutions of WEFTEC

Discover Smart Water Solutions for Smart Cities

3 Ways We Help Water and Wastewater Customers:

  • Optimize energy consumption: Up to 30% energy savings
  • Increase Operational Efficiency: Up to 25%
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO): Up to 20%
From field to enterprise, you can imagine the vast set of hardware and software technologies that a water and wastewater utility need to get a full view on their 5 common activities, from planning to operations, maintenance, commercial and corporate management.
How to cope with this?  Step by step. Come learn more about Smart Water Solutions at the Schneider Electric booth at WEFTEC to see where you can utilize Smart Water Solutions. 

Here are just a few of the new product demos available at WEFTEC

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  • Premset

    Introducing Premset switchgear; a new way to design, install, and operate MV networks.  Your company's MV distribution needs are always evolving. Prepare for these ongoing changes with Premset switchgear, featuring:
    • Unprecedented safety, efficiency, and ease of use 
    • Long-lasting performance with the Shielded Solid Insulation System (2SIS) 
    • Compact and modular design for all functions

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    Introducing Premset

    Premset Shielded Solid Insulation System (2SIS)

  • RealStream Lift Station

    RealStream Lift Station: Maximize your asset life, uptime and energy efficiency while enabling predictive maintenance
    • Fully configurable sewage lift station controller
    • Reduce time on site, time based maintenance and over-flow conditions.
    • Remote and local accessible, total volume, cost/volume pumped, energy consumption and pump performance indicators

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  • Data Center Infrastructure

    Water and wastewater secure power solutions
    Schneider Electric not only supplies the data center infrastructure you need, but also critical power solutions. From design to services that maximize the availability of utility power for all types of
    process-critical equipment, systems, and applications, including PLCs, SCADA, pumps, UV treatment, and security devices throughout the entire water treatment process.

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  • Modicon PLC

    Modicon: Future ready programmable logic and automation controllers
    Modicon is the first name in Programmable Logic Controllers. The inventor of the PLC, Modicon changed process design forever moving from complicated hard-wired relay systems to automation system reducing the time, effort, and cost previously associated with modifying a process. Today, the Modicon Family of PLCs and PACs continues to push boundaries and define the technology that enables and connects modern machines and processes. This complete line of future ready PLCs and PACs delivers flexibility and performance to meet your automation needs. From Pumping/HVAC to small automated machines to advanced machine automation, our robust offer of trusted automation solutions enhances machines and processes across industries.
  • Altivar Drives

    Altivar: Advanced energy management and performance in motor control
    The Altivar Drives family includes the most advanced and user-friendly variable-speed AC Drives and Drive Systems offering on the market. Featuring proprietary motor control algorithms to achieve optimal motor performance and complete scalability to match your application speed, size, and protection requirements, the complete line of Altivar products and solutions delivers the flexibility and performance to:
    • Optimize a broad range of utility and industrial applications 
    • Reduce energy costs by using Schneider Electric proprietary energy saving technologies 
    • Improve uptime by simplifying installation, commissioning, and maintenance

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  • PlantStruxure PES

    PlantStruxure PES – the next generation process automation system for digitized and energy aware water & wastewater facilities.

    The design of PlantStruxure PES combines the ease and openness of PLC/SCADA with the integration, single database, and powerful diagnostics of a traditional DCS. Result? An innovative and energy-aware process automation system that meets the demands of modern water facilities.PlantStruxure PES delivers on growing energy management requirements and is helping you to reduce waste by integrating energy and process data in one system.

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    Introducing PlantStruxure PES with Jean-Pascal Tricoire

    Experience PlantStruxuer PES in a Water Desalination Plant

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    PlantStruxure PES the next-generation process automation system

  • MCC

    Closed Door Racking (CDR): Motor Control Center Solution for Increased Uptime and Reliability

    Introducing Closed Door Racking, Square D design to disengage and isolate the motor control center (MCC) bucket from the power bus before opening the door.Like you, Square D views personnel safety with the upmost importance, followed by equipment protection, ease of operation, robustness and flexibility.

    Our Closed Door Racking device features the following:
    • Only twelve revolutions to engage or disengage power stabs
    • Metal handle, more rugged than composites
    • Racking mechanism - sealed all-metal construction for long, dependable life
    • Same footprint/space requirement as standard bucket - retro-filability  

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