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    On 11th and 12th April 2017 we hosted top industry leaders from across the region to discuss the latest technologies, trends and innovations, transforming the world of energy!

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Abdul-Rahman-Jaroudi-IC-490x490 Abdul Rahman Jaroudi
Vice President & Head of IT – Ajman Bank

Mr. Adbul Rahman Jaroudi currently serves as Vice President & head of IT at Ajman Bank. In this role, he oversees the streamlined operation of the IT department and ensures that it aligns with the mission and business objectives of the bank. He also works closely with decision makers in other departments to identify, recommend, develop, implement, and support cost-effective technology solutions. He possesses technical expertise in various domains, including system administration, IT support and applications, disaster recovery, staff management, datacenters, and IT budgeting and cost control. Prior to this position, he was the head of IT operations and production at the Commercial Bank of Qatar.
Achievements: With over 25 years of working experience, Mr. Rahman has gained excellent analytical, communication, interpersonal, teambuilding, and leadership skills. At Ajman Bank, he has successfully formulated and deployed long-term strategic plans for acquiring and enabling efficient and cost-effective information processing and communication technologies. Where necessary, he has also re-engineered applications to ensure that they align with business processes. He has further professionally developed and reviewed budgets for the IT department to ensure that they complied with stated goals, guidelines, and objectives.
Organization Profile: Established in 2007, Ajman Bank was the first Islamic bank to be incorporated in the Emirate of Ajman, UAE. Ajman Bank provides a wide range of value-driven banking services in the UAE for individual, business, and government clients, all in compliance with Shari’ah principles.


Ajay-Rathi-IC-490x490Ajay Rathi
IT Head, MERAAS Holding

Ajay Rathi, currently heads the Information Technology department of Meraas Holding. Meraas is pioneering several initiatives in various macroeconomic sectors including tourism, leisure, real estate, hospitality, healthcare and asset management. As, Director of IT he is responsible for building and maintaining a highly available, scalable and centralized IT infrastructure and build applications to meet the growing requirement of the organization. With huge expansion in retail, theme parks and hospitality at Meraas, big Data and Internet of the things are the areas he is working on. Meraas is at the forefront of changing the landscape of Dubai.
Before joining Meraas Holding, he was Head of IT infrastructure at DAMAC Holding and have also worked for 14 years in various positions at Indian Oil Corporation.
He has Master of Engineer and Bachelor of Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), India. He holds CISSP and PMP certifications. He has broad experience and understanding in various aspects of Business Processes, Oracle ERP, Healthcare and hospitality, Business Intelligence, project management, Data center architecture, Disaster Recovery, BCP and ITIL Processes. He is recipients of various awards like CIO 100, Best IT projects in construction & retails and have lead his team to be the best IT team award for the middle east.


Moustapha-Louni-IC-490x490Ali Moinuddin
Head of Marketing Uptime Institute EMEA

Before joining the Uptime Institute Ali served at Workshare and SkyDox as CMO where he oversaw their expansion. He brings with him more than 20 years of experience in supporting high growth companies. In his previous positions he has focused on increasing shareholder value by building multinational go to market programs at Interxion (NYSE:INXN) as Director of Marketing, SPL WorldGroup (now a part of Oracle (NYSE:ORCL)) and Marketing Manager EMEA & APAC Broadbase (now part of Kana (NASDAQ: KANA)).


Andrew-Grenville-IC-490x490Andrew Grenville
CEO, Orixcom

Andrew is one of the leading cloud market movers and telecoms executives in the Middle East region. He’s passionate about driving adoption of innovative platforms and services to provide tangible value to end customers. This includes speaking and evangelising about cloud, driving multi-channel distribution of cloud services and providing turnkey end-to-end managed solutions to allow service providers to immediately operate in the market.
Andrew founded Orixcom in 2013, having recognised the increasing role of UAE as a Telecoms and ICT regional hub, and seen the need to help provide customers with efficient international access and cloud services in the Middle East and Africa. Orixcom is a provider of managed IT, cloud and next generation connectivity services. The company combines local knowledge with an international track record of achievement to enable success for its customers worldwide.
From 2005-2013 Andrew was an Executive Vice President at du in UAE. Here he was responsible for the creation and launch in 2012 of datamena, a carrier-neutral transit and content hub for the Middle East in partnership with Equinix. In addition Andrew led the development and launch of UAE-IX, a Telecoms Regulatory Authority initiative in partnership with DE-CIX. Andrew began his career at du in 2005 as part of the founding Executive team by successfully setting up the Enterprise Division, managing the overall commercial operations serving business customers. He subsequently ran the International & Wholesale division.
Andrew has been at the forefront of the telecommunications industry for over 28 years. Prior to coming to the Middle East, he held various senior positions in StarHub, Singapore. Earlier, Andrew was CEO of a company involved in submarine cable backhaul and datacentre facilities, and in the 1990’s he spent 10 years with BT holding various senior appointments in Logistics, Procurement, Sales and Marketing. Prior to that he worked for GPT and Racal Datacoms in technical and sales roles.
Andrew holds an Honours degree in Electrical Engineering from Sheffield University, UK and lives in Dubai, UAE with his wife and four children.


Bakhtiyar-Wain-IC-490x490Bakhtiar Hameed Wain
Founder and CEO at Avanceon

Bakhtiar brings over 30 years of exemplary leadership. An engineer with experience within leading global companies such as Exxon Chemicals, Fauji Fertilizer and ICI Ltd. He founded Avanceon in 1984 and holds the position of Chief Executive Officer today. His entrepreneurial drive found its roots in his faith towards the educated and technically qualified human resources of the Middle East & South Asia. At the onset, he wanted to build a company that could capitalize and promote this conviction globally, which he has implemented successfully ever since. Appointed CEO by the Board of Directors, he has spearheaded Avanceon towards market leadership in the Gulf, Pakistan and beyond. Bakhtiar led the company to become one of the leading provider of industrial automation, process control and systems integration as well as proprietary energy management solutions and support services. It has a strong market footprint through its offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, covering the Middle East, Lahore, Pakistan, covering South East Asia, and Exton, Pennsylvania, covering North America.
During his 25 years tenure, the prolific founder and CEO has transformed into a 360 degree solution provider for automation, energy management, service and maintenance for major blue chip companies. A certified member of the select group of Control System Integrators Association and is also listed on the Control Engineering Magazine's System Integrator Hall of Fame. From its inception in 1984, the company has extended its footprint to 9 offices workdwide, 6 of them all located in the Middle East by setting up offices in Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia [KSA]. The career of this father of three cannot be dissociated with his only professional passion, his company which he groomed to its current recognition. The Company provides a wide range of automation solutions with an extensive track record of execution in diverse application environments combined with an understanding of technology trends and industry standards. Over 15 customer segments are served including: Oil and Gas, Infrastructure and Transportation, Fast Moving Goods, Power and Construction Material. The company is known for handling multiple products, regulatory requirements and the need for safety, productivity and improved throughput.
From his beginnings as a company of 3 back in the 1980s, Bakhtiar now leads over 200 employees out of which over 70% are either Electrical, Mechanical or Software engineers. The company has been traditionally known to be project and sales driven. The department of marketing has been operating since January 2014. The company is managed cross-functionally whereby support from finance, marketing and human resources join forces with the sales and engineering team to implement projects. The Middle East and South East Asian branches, which he leads, account for 70% of the business generated by Avanceon worldwide. These two regions have been the fastest growing markets. The company provides end-to-end solutions, which include Design, Supply, Engineering, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance for:  instrumentation & control [I&C], process automation, manufacturing execution processes, plant information management systems and energy optimisation solutions. Here below are few of his realizations as the CEO of Avanceon.
Between 2003 and 2007, Bakhtiar took the leap and decided to enter the Middle East markets, where he first established Avanceon FZE in Dubai. His business acumen and solid expertise in automation and process control both regionally as well as technologically. Within less than a decade, the general manager has driven sales & projects in the Middle Eastern market from zero account to an impressive portfolio of 100 customers including: Saudi Aramco, Qatar Ports QDVC, RTA, the Dubai Government to name a few. This was also the year that one of the major companies in Pakistan, Engro acquired Avanceon, then called Innovative Automation & Engineering. A fierce supporter of the environment Bakhtiar launched the company’s first proprietary Energy Management Solutions, which consisted of turnkey energy management and optimization solutions. His concern as to provide a robust solution that would provide saving opportunities through a suite including: an energy dashboard, iWater, iBoiler, iAir and iDC. The CEO was also instrumental in a major acquisition of a US strategic acquisition of a Advanced Automation Associates. That same year, Avanceon was awarded Best System Integrator of the Year by the Control Engineering Magazine.
From 2008 to 2010, Bakhtiar helped establishing the company’s first plant information management system, a scalable and extensible software information management to decision makers to visualize and analyse their processes faster and more effectively, which: 1) collected real-time data from multiple process control systems, 2) archived for long term and 3) delivered secure and reliable plant floor informationThe information management tools was created to custom displays for process and operations data, including schematics, animations, trends, alerts and notifications and custom reports. Based on his close interaction with customers, the hands-on entrepreneur also launched in 2008, the department of after-market solutions, which provided complete lifecycle support services including manufacturing technical support, maintenance management, control system oversight and remote diagnostic services to maximize plant uptime performance, support efficiency and technology effectiveness. From service level agreements, to strategic site improvement programs, AMS covers most services including training solutions for manufacturing and emergency response support.
In 2010, he helped design with his team a new specialized service to Avanceon’s offering: the advanced Process Control. This stemmed from the key challenge for operators of refining, chemical and petrochemical plants is to maintain processes at their optimal operating point while simultaneously maintaining multiple safety margins at acceptable levels. Our solutions helped customers achieve: 1) Improved product yield, 2) Reduced specific energy consumption, 3) Increased throughput capacity, 4) Improved product quality and consistency, 5) Reduced environmental emissions. This same year, his company also implemented its first EMS project in the United States. In 2011, as part of boosting its engineers’ competency, Bakhtiar and the engineering team launched the first in-house training with a certified program that would help engineers properly be ready for the industrial market. The company also started rolling out its for Carbon Credit Program.
Between 2012 and 2014, Bakhtiar H. Wain decided to go for an IPO, which he successfully spearheaded.  Highway 50 is Avanceon’s core commitment made at the time, to shareholders and maps out several strategic goals, building towards a successful realization of Critical Goals. Highway 50 also focuses on both an organic and planned geographical growth, allowing Avanceon’s Specialized Services team to offer proprietary products beyond Southern Asia, where they have already had many successes. Highway 50’s commitment is also about focusing on driving the organization towards market-based management, also defined as service-centric marketing, to ensure customer satisfaction:  live the brand, increase/retain highly trained human capital, Reduce variability in the Execution of processes, Relationship and responsiveness for client success and Drive after project sales & services. In 2013, IPO successfully and launched Avanceon’s first employee stock option scheme.
More recently from 2015 to 2017, the founder launched its second employee stock option scheme and continued its expansion in the Middle East by join venturing with ATCO. The company has also won multiple awards. One of the most important for the CEO being his program towards education. In 2015, inspired by the founder’s philanthropic vision of empowering individuals through education, he helped Avanceon launched a learning initiative, offering to fully fund and support the children of our less fortunate employees throughout their educational journey. Covering all outgoings, from uniforms to stationery, transport to books, perhaps the most important part of our initiative was the generosity of Avanceoners to give their time to mentor the children through their education. In 2016 began with a truly humbling award, Avanceon receiving a CSR accolade from the Forum for Education & Health in South Asia honouring our commitment towards education. Bakhtiar H. Wain with his team provided hope and opportunity for these bright children to arrive at quality institutions after completing their higher education, something we firmly believe in. From an initial 38 children enrolled in schools, the scheme has proudly expanded to nearly 50 this year, across 12 schools in total. By pledging his full support to the ongoing wellbeing of these children, he invested in their future and the future of their children. That same year, he also supported the department of finance initiative towards full transparency and commitment towards quality reporting also, which eventually won the best Annual report awards in Pakistan.
The professional history of this business savvy Mechanical Engineer is closely linked to the company that he built, so is the corporate philosophy of the company closely linked to his belief and his team. Avanceon corporate philosophy is defined by its mission, its mantra and its values. The mission is ‘to passionately grow to be the leader of engineered solutions through inspired development of our teams and providing the best value to our customers.’ The mantra is encapsulated in ‘Tomorrow’s Solutions Today’. The mantra is Avanceon’s everlasting commitment to always move forward and ensure that the company always co-creates value with each and every one of its stakeholders. Avanceon’s values are deeply rooted within the company and act as guide in building value for both its internal and external stakeholders. These are the beliefs encapsulated in one acronym, following which serves to drive the foundations for the entire business: Candor, Agility, Creativty, Quality, Teamwork, Integrity, Sustainability [CACQTIS].
Business conduct for Bakhtiar and his company is defined by five key commitments: Ethics, Ownership, Customer Delight, Continuous Improvement and Community care, which need to be translated across all its communications. The company believes in being ethically unyielding and honest in the way Avanceon caries out business in a pro-active and sustainable way without needing third party monitoring. The TRACE certificate is an example of integrity. Ownership is acting with stewardship to build a better, stronger and more dynamic anticipated visionary organization. Believing in customer delight is translated in his effort to always anticipating customer needs, and being responsive to deliver the best value internally and externally with innovation. Making a positive difference in the lives of the people within the societies in which Avanceon interacts with and within the communities operated in, through sound and impactful investments.


Dr_Badr-IC-490x490Dr. Badr Al-Badr
CEO, Dur Hospitality Company

Dr. Badr Al-Badr is a veteran business leader, serial entrepreneur, a published author, a blogger, and a social activist. The Chief Executive Officer of one of the oldest Saudi publicly listed companies in Saudi Arabia, Dur Hospitality Company, a Saudi Joint Stock hospitality company established in 1976, recognized for its extensive record in managing, developing and operating a wide portfolio of hotels and residential compounds across the kingdom.
Prior to being with Dur, Dr. Badr held many leading positions in local and multinational companies, earning him numerous “Best Manager” awards during his career. He was the CEO of Cisco Systems Saudi Arabia which, under his leadership, won the “Best Business Environment” Award in Saudi Arabia, he was also the CEO of AwalNet Company and CEO of Al Alamiah Internet and Communication Company.
Dr. Badr earned his masters and PHD from Washington University, USA and his B.A degree from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran. An entrepreneur and contributor to leading and developing emerging business, Dr. Badr actively participated in many leadership programs at several renowned universities including Oxford, Cornell, and George Washington University.
Dr. Badr is currently a member of the board of directors for Tourism National Committee Riyadh, SYAHYA National Company for Tourism, and Saudi Heritage Hospitality Company "NUZUL". He is also an activist on social media for knowledge and science dissemination and a spokesperson on several occasions.
Ranked 17th in the list of top 50 most influential hospitality professionals in the Middle East in 2016 by hotelier magazine, and 65 on the list of top 100 CEO in the GCC for the year 2016 by TRENDS magazine and INSEAD – international business school, Dr. Badr is known for being an eloquent speaker in major conferences such as Arabian Hotel Investment Conference, Global Competitive Forum, Hospitality Summit, and IPD MEA Summit.


Dr-Rashid-Al-Leem-IC-490x490Dr. Rashid Al Leem
Chairman, Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority

His Excellency Dr. Rashid Alleem is the Chairman of Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority - UAE. He served for over a decade as Director General, Department of Seaports and Customs and Sharjah Free Zones Authority. He was the driving force in transforming the zones into a strategic commerce hub empowering thousands of businesses in the region, thereby contributing to the development of the UAE economy.
A prolific writer both in English and Arabic, he is the author of several books on management and leadership. His recent books are ‘My Green Journey in Hamriyah’, My Leadership Secrets’, Sustainability: The fourth wave of economy and I am committed to the 17 Global Goals.
In 2013, he was conferred with ‘Certificate of Knight Award’ for his outstanding contribution in the field of ‘Leadership & Development’ by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and coveted ‘2013 Extraordinary Human’ Award by the United Nations-World Peace Organization, Washington, United States. Early 2014, he was conferred with ‘Award of Excellence’ by Daimler-Mercedes Benz Germany and later in May, received the prestigious ‘Global Economic Development Leadership Award’ in Cochin- India. In 2014, a rare tribute to the wisdom reflected in ‘Management in the whole of the Arab World’, he was honoured with the ‘Golden Arrow Award’ and recognized as ‘Goodwill Ambassador for Peace, Care and Relief in GCC Countries, Middle East and North Africa’ by the International Organization for Peace, Care and Relief and Member of the Economic and Social Council of The United Nations. He was recognized as “THE KNOWLEDGE AMBASSADOR OF UAE 2015” by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. Under his leadership, SEWA has been awarded the “GCC BEST EMPLOYER AWARD” in 2016 by the Employer Branding Institute. In May 2016, he was awarded as one of the recognized exemplary leaders at The 13th Middle East CEO of the Year Award given by Sheikh Ahmed Bin Nasser Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.


DU-Osman-IC-490x490Osman Sultan
Chief Executive Officer

Osman Sultan is the founding CEO of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company PJSC-du. Having joined the company in January 2006. Today, in less than a decade of operations, du has reported annual revenues exceeding USD 3.4 billion and a market share of 47% under his guidance and leadership.
Sultan has enjoyed a successful career for over 30 years spanning Europe, North America and the MENA region. Prior to joining du, Sultan was the founding CEO of another successful Middle Eastern operator – Mobinil in Egypt he set up in 1998. During his tenure, he achieved his vision of putting ‘a mobile in the hands of everyone.’
A notable public speaker, Sultan often shares his knowledge and experience at industry lectures on the subjects of the digital society, the Internet, telecommunications and information technology. He has also mentored a generation of key telecom sector players, who have gone on to occupy leadership roles, many of them as CEOs across the world.
As one of the most influential figures in the region in the telecommunications field, Sultan’s drive and acute business acumen has earned him several industry accolades, including being selected  as one of the most 100 powerful executives in the telecoms industry in the world on GTB Power 100 List in 2010 and 2011.
In his free time, Osman Sultan spends quality time with his family – his wife, five children and his parents.


Fahem-Al-Nuaimi-IC-490x490Dr. Fahem Al Naoumi
CEO, Ankabut

Mr. Fahem Al Nuaimi has a professional experience that extends to more than 26 years during which he enjoyed various roles within the UAE telecommunications industry including network planning, program management and budgeting. He had led the introduction of fiber-to-the-home networking GPON in Etisalat and the latest version of IPTV as a launch director. He also established the first PMO office for engineering and IT within Etisalat. He also served as Vice President of the Program Management Office Etisalat.
Currently, he holds the position of the CEO to Ankabut, UAE's Advanced Network for Education and Research, since December 2011. He developed the national research and education network in UAE “Ankabut” with the latest coverage and cloud data center.
Mr. Fahem is a holder of an MBA which he obtained from the Southern New Hampshire University- USA in 2003. He holds a Bachelor Degree of Engineering from the UAE University (1990). Also he is holder of a Master Degree in Service, innovation and leadership from RIT-NY UNIVERSITY USA.2017.


Fuad-Al-Ansari-IC-490x490Fuad Al Ansari
Vice President, IT Department, TAKREER

As the Vice President of Information Technology Division of Takreer, Mr. Fuad Al-Ansari is responsible for managing the technology infrastructure, refinery information systems and business applications across all divisions within Takreer including Ruwais Refinery (East and West), and Abu Dhabi Refinery.   Mr. Al-Ansari has contributed remarkably to keep Takreer abreast of IT developments and emerging technologies by way of implementing state of the art, innovative and cost effective solutions to achieve operational excellence.
Mr. Al-Ansari holds a BS in Electrical Engineering (Electronics), 1994 and a MS in Engineering Management, 1996 from Portland State University, USA.  He has completed Leadership trainings as part of Executive Education Program in Harvard Business School in 2009 and 2011.
Mr. Al-Ansari  serves on the  IDC Technical Advisory Council(GCC),  Maximo Oil & Gas Industry Advisory Council, OSI Soft Executive Advisory Council and participates in SAP Oil & Gas Global Advisory Group.
Mr. Al-Ansari is a regular speaker and panelist in IT Seminars and Conferences in the UAE talking about IT world and it’s alignment on core business.
With almost two decades of IT experince, Mr. Al-Ansari  has headed Takreer’s IT Organization to establishing the IT Strategy and Policies & Procedures in line with business of objectives of the company. Under his leadership, the company has automated many time consuming and paper intensive business processes, upgraded business critical applications and deployed Refinery Information Systems within the Abu Dhabi and Ruwais refineries. Drawing on his insight and capabilities within business technology optimization and alignment, he has envisioned several innovative projects towards building a Smart Refinery. This has been achieved through the effective and innovative use of technology in conjunction with optimized processes and skilled staff.


H-E-Saeed-Mohammed-Al-Tayer-IC-490x490H.E Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer
Managing Director & CEO, Dubai Electricity & Water Authority

H.E. Saeed Mohammed Ahmed Al Tayer has an overall experience of more than 31 years in the field of telecommunications, energy and water.
Under his leadership since 1992 DEWA achieved unprecedented successes and has become one of the very best distinguished utilities in all aspects world-wide.
As an initiative of his own, several successful companies were established, including Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (EMPOWER), and many other companies.
His Excellency is a member of Dubai Executive Council and Chairman of Infrastructure and Environment Committee, Vice Chairman of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy (DSCE), Chairman of Dubai Smart City Office, Vice Chairman of Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA), Vice Chairman of Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC), Chairman of UAE Water Aid (SUQIA) Board Of Trustees, and Chairman of World Green Economy Organization (WGEO). In addition, His Excellency is a member, vice chairman, or chairman of various high-level committees and higher leading councils in the Emirate of Dubai.
His Excellency received a number of prestigious awards such as the “Middle East Champion of Energy” award received at the World Green Economy Summit 2015 from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). On 18 May 2016, the UNDP appointed His Excellency as "UNDP National Goodwill Ambassador for Sustainable Development Goals". In addition, the Swiss Business Council, Dubai & Northern Emirates awarded His Excellency the prestigious “Lord of Matterhorn Award”. Moreover, His Excellency received an honorary doctorate from Amity University in Dubai in appreciation of his continuing innovative efforts to achieve excellence and enhance scientific knowledge and sustainability.


Hüseyin-Doğa-Emiroğulları-IC-490x490Hüseyin Doğa Emiroğulları

Hüseyin Doğa Emiroğulları was born in 1.07.1989 in Cyprus.
He is has graduated from the Electric and Electronic Engineering department of Imperial College London in 2011.
Afterwards, Hüseyin has started working at Schneider Electric (Istanbul) as a project engineer before becoming a project manager.
Currently, he is running his own company, Otomatica Automation, which is an alliance partner of Schneider Electric.
Hüseyin has specialized in data centre automation at all levels including; building, power and capacity management systems.


Jeroen-Schlosser-IC-490x490Jeroen Schlosser
Managing Director, Equinix

Jeroen Schlosser joined Equinix in December 2012 on the successful acquisition of the first Equinix IBX in the Middle East North Africa region. As a ICT leader in the emerging markets, he has since developed the Dubai data center to be a HUB for the MENA region, offering operational excellence, with a  dense and diverse Network Ecosystem, Cloud density, serving a growing customer base of  Enterprise and Financial Services verticals,  including global, regional and local brands. Jeroen started his career in the payment industry where he was responsible for the roll out of the chip card for the leading payment provider in the Netherlands. In 1999 he joined TeleCity Group, responsible for setting up the organization in the Netherlands, and stayed onto lead the Operations function. Prior to joining Equinix, Jeroen served in a data center services company,  providing management, data center strategy and operational consultations to  Financials and System  integrators in the Dutch market, including  a leading investment & development company. Jeroen holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics, and currently resides in Dubai with his family, having moved to United Arab Emirates in 2012.


Jyoti-Lalchandani-IC-490x490Jyoti Lalchandani
Group Vice President & Regional Managing Director (Middle East, Turkey and Africa), IDC

As Group Vice President and Regional Managing Director of IDC Middle East, Turkey and Africa, Mr. Jyoti Lalchandani is responsible for the planning, development, implementation, and coordination of IDC's market intelligence and advisory services, sales, conferences and events, go-to-market services, and office development activities in the MEA (the Middle East and Africa) region. With more than 18 years of experience in emerging EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) markets, Lalchandani has been instrumental in establishing IDC’s presence in the region through the initial expansion of the Dubai headquarters and then by spearheading the development of IDC offices in Johannesburg, Istanbul, Riyadh, Casablanca, Lagos, Nairobi and Cairo.
Starting at IDC’s CEMA (Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) headquarters in 1995 in Prague, the Czech Republic, Lalchandani served as IDC's regional consulting manager. In this role, he headed several country-based project teams in advising multinational and local IT vendors about issues related to entry strategy, competitor analysis, ROI analysis, distribution and partner evaluation, and market segmentation. He later took on the additional responsibility of overseeing the CEMA software practice, in which Lalchandani was responsible for overseeing all related research (applications, system infrastructure, and tools) and advisory work across emerging EMEA countries.
Before joining IDC, Lalchandani served on the national board of international non-profit organization AIESEC, where he managed the association's partnership agreements with leading Indian conglomerates. Lalchandani graduated from Loyola College, India, where his studies focused on strategy management and business policy. He later attended a corporate-sponsored program at MIT's Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts.


Mustapha-Louni-IC-490x490Mustapha Louni
Business Development Director - MENA Region. The Uptime Institute

Mustapha Louni is responsible for developing MENA markets for the Uptime Institute as well as driving growth and quality of the company services portfolio. In addition, he is also mandated to plan strategies and initiatives to improve the market awareness and knowledge about the Uptime Institute and support the data center industry in the region achieve higher standards and availability.
Prior to Uptime Institute, Mustapha spent several years in the data center industry and has experience in multiple vendor technologies and solutions. During this time, he was responsible for data center solutions, energy management solutions & services and DCIM at several data center market leading vendors, where he has significantly improved the client’s awareness and knowledge about data center solutions.
Mustapha holds a degree in mechanical engineering and a Masters in fluid dynamics. Mustapha is currently based in Dubai - UAE.


Ranya-Afifi-IC-490x490Ranya Afifi
President, Middle East & Africa, Schneider Electric, Director, MENAT, The Economist

Ranya Afifi is the Director of The Economist Corporate Network and Chief Economist for the MENAT region.  Ranya is an experienced economist and analyst with nearly 20 years of professional experience in investment and corporate strategy. She spent 13 years as a macro-investment strategist at regional investment banks for US$5.5bn of equity and fixed income AUMs.
Ranya holds a Bachelor's degree from The American University in Cairo where she specialized in International Relations and Economics. She also completed an Accounting Program at New York University.


Vinesh-Hurrychurn-IC-490x490Vinesh Hurrychurn
Director of Engineering Operations Hilton Worldwide MEA

Vinesh Hurrychurn is a seasoned industry professional responsible for directing all engineering and sustainable strategy and overseeing engineering operations at *94 hotels across Hilton Worldwide’s Middle East & Africa region. 
He started his engineering career in 1996 as a supervisor of a leading textile company, in his home country of Mauritius.  In 2001, he joined the hospitality industry, working with a worldwide luxury brand, as Junior Engineer and enjoyed rapid promotion before taking on the role of Chief Engineer within the same Mauritius-based hotel company three years later.   
He left Mauritius in 2006 seeking international experience and joined a global hotel operator in Dubai as Assistant Director of Engineering before joining corporate giant Emaar Hospitality Group in 2007. 
He was appointed Director of Engineering Operations for Hilton Worldwide, Middle East & Africa in 2010, becoming a member of the area executive team and leading approximately 94-strong team of chief engineers. 
Vinesh Hurrychurn holds a Bachelor Honours Degree in Manufacturing Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management.   He is married and speaks three languages – English, French and Hindi.


Yousuf-AlShaiba-IC-490x490Yousuf Abdullah Alshaiba
Director, Smart Services Development Department, Ajman Municipality

Mr. Yousuf AlShaiba is the Director of Smart Services Development Department at Ajman Municipality, where he leads the eTransformation Strategy and Smart Government initiatives with him Ajman Municipality become one of the leading Government entities to adapt standards like ISO27001 and ISO20000.
Before joining Ajman Municipality, Mr.Yousuf AlShaiba was at Dubai Municipality for 16 Years , he was  the Head of IT Support Services at IT Department and before that he was Head of Operations and Network Services Section Dubai Municipality ,  he also was the Head of Internet Operations unit and Leading the Security Team within the IT Department in Dubai Municipality .
With more than 25+ years of best practice experience Mr. Yousuf known for his deep Technical knowledge and has unique Vision when it comes for Smart Cities Implementations on the Government Sector.


Gignac-IC-490x490Anne Marie Gignac
Vice President HBN Offer Management and Marketing Building & IT Business

Anne-Marie Gignac is the Vice President, Offer Management and Marketing for the Home and Business Networks at Schneider Electric.
Anne-Marie is responsible for establishing the strategic evolution of the portfolio, management of the offer and definition of the go to market model of the single phase UPS business for Home, Business Networks and Industrial applications for Schneider Electric.
Her expertise is in the development of integrated IT infrastructure architectures that improve availability and efficiency,  are easy to manage and adapted to fast changing IT landscapes and evolving customers needs. She is contributing to the Innovation, Development and Marketing of the single phase UPS offer. 
Prior to joining Schneider Electric in 2008, Anne-Marie has held senior leadership roles involved mainly in the IT industry since 2000 in positions directly interfacing with customers. 
Anne-Marie holds a Bachelor in Sciences from the University of Montreal and a Bachelor in Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal as well as a Post-Graduate Degree in Engineering Management from the University of Sherbrooke.


Aziz-Mehdaoui-IC-490x490Aziz Mehdaoui
IPMCC Offer Marketing Manager

Aziz Mehdaoui 36old studied Automation Engineering and graduate of high school in Grenoble France. and has presented in multiple International Conferences.
Aziz Mehdaoui over 11 years of experience in automation and Electrical distribution. For different activities Technical, Marketing, launches and business development. An enthusiastic leader, he is a part of Leadership program in Schneider company.

Aziz based in France has started his career in 2006 in Schneider as project manager for O&G projects with multiples references, and then he moved to Power department leading a team for creation solutions for customers within different segments. And now since 2013 he is leading marketing and business development of Digital LV Equipment.
Aziz is a specialist in Digitization, low voltage equipment, system approach, Process control applications, Communication networks and protocols, augmented Reality Applications, Monitoring, Optimization and Managing Information Systems in continuous process applications.


Bhagwati-Prasad-IC-490x490Bhagwati Prasad
VP, Business Development, Schneider Electric, ITB International

Bhagwati Prasad is VP of Business Development, International (Covers Asia Pacific and Japan, Middle East Africa and South America) for Schneider Electric IT Business (SEITB) based at Singapore. He is currently focused on Datacenters, Edge and critical facilities applications and handles Single and 3 Phase UPS power, Cooling and Racks portfolio for the same. He is a key interface between the Geography / country organizations working with customers and Line of Business (LOB) responsible for developing new offers (products and solutions).  
Bhagwati consults with strategic levels of management within enterprises, to design, build and operate highly available and highly resilient data centers. He uses the knowledge to also refine SE ITB solutions, adapt their value proposition and define key strategic portfolio directions.
He and SEITB team of consultants help organizations achieve the following:
•    Ensure high availability of mission critical IT on a day-to-day basis
•    optimize capital investment of IT and Critical Facilities and the resulting ROI
•    streamline operating costs of Datacenter and Facilities Infrastructure
•    enable disaster recovery and business continuity plans
•    ease IT consolidation, expansion and revamping of IT
Bhagwati joined APC in 1999 as Enterprise Business Lead, Asia Pacific. He launched and established the Enterprise and 3-phase power solutions business for APC in Asia Pacific. Since 2002, he has been focusing on Data Centers and large facilities, across Asia Pacific. He has worked with over 100 Datacentre Managers actively to understand the challenges faced in the Data Center design, build and operation. He has also co-worked with and provided inputs to Consulting Engineering Companies to design highly resilient Data Centers.
Bhagwati is an active speaker and has led sessions in events like Datacenter Dynamics, Disaster Recovery Asia, CIO forum and others.
Prior to APC, Bhagwati has over 6 years of experience with Indian Engineering major Larsen and Toubro (L&T) and Bharat Shell Ltd, part of global oil and energy group, Royal Dutch Shell.
Bhagwati received his Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering. He is also holds a MBA in Finance and Marketing.


Luc-Remont-IC-490x490Luc Rémont
CEO, Schneider Electric, International Operations

Luc Rémont, 46, joined Schneider Electric in 2014. He is President of Schneider Electric France.
Luc Rémont started his career in 1993 as an engineer at the French Ministry of Defence. From 1996 to 2007, he subsequently held several positions at the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry. He first served at the French Treasury, in charge pf relations with international development banks (e.g. EBRD, World Bank), then of the French state’s shareholding in companies of the transport sector. From 2002 to 2007, he served as technical advisor in charge of shareholding, then deputy chief of staff of Ministers of Finance. He joined Merrill Lynch Investment Banking in 2007 and was head of Bank of America Merrill Lynch Corporate and Investment Banking for France from 2009 to 2014.
Moreover, Luc is Chairman of Gimélec, which brings together 230 French companies providing power and automation solutions for the energy, building, industry and infrastructure markets, since March 2015.
Luc graduated from École Polytechnique and École Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Avancées (Ensta) as an engineer.


Frederic-Abbal-IC-490x490Frederic Abbal
Executive Vice President, Energy Business, Schneider Electric

Frédéric Abbal started his career at Philips Components and Valeo. In 1991, he joined Schneider Electric as Manager of the Purchasing Department. He was then appointed as Director of the Operation Division of Merlin Gerin Alpes (a Schneider Electric subsidiary). In 1998, Frédéric took over the management of Sarel. In 2002, he was appointed President of Schneider Electric North East Africa Operations, based in Cairo (Egypt). In 2006, he rejoined Schneider Electric head office in France and took up the position of Country President of Schneider Electric France. In March 2012 he joined Energy Business as Executive Vice-President, a position which he continues to hold to the present day. In July 2015 besides leading the Energy Business, Frédéric Abbal enlarged his scope heading the Middle East and Africa Operations.
Since January 2014, Frederic Abbal has been a Member of the Executive Committee.
Moreover, from 2011 to beginning of 2015, Frédéric Abbal was President of Gimélec, which brings together 230 French companies providing power and automation solutions for the energy, building, industry and infrastructure markets.
Frédéric Abbal graduated as an Engineer from the ECAM Lyon (1985), from INSEAD (1988) and completed the Tuck Executive Program at Dartmouth College (2001).


Caspar-Herzberg-IC-490x490Caspar Herzberg
President, MEA, Schneider Electric

Caspar Herzberg is the recently appointed President for Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Central Asia & the Caribbean Islands for Schneider Electric.   Caspar joined Schneider Electric in April 2016 as Senior Vice President Business Development for the Middle East. In July 2016, Caspar was appointed as Zone President Africa and Caribbean.
Prior to joining Schneider, Caspar has developed a successful career of +20 years with Accenture and Cisco including multiple international assignments in different regions (Europe, China, Africa and Middle East). Before joining Schneider Electric, his last role was Vice President for Cisco Consulting Services for Asia Pacific, China and Japan. He is well known in the technology industry as one of the founders of the Cisco’s Global Smart City business.
Caspar received a Master of Science degree in international politics from the University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies and has a Master of Arts degree in Arabic and modern Middle Eastern studies from St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford. A German national who grew up in Egypt, he speaks fluent Arabic, German, English and rustic French.


Hanan-Darwis-IC-490x490Hanan Darwish
Country President - Gulf Countries & Pakistan, Schneider Electric

Hanan Darwish is the recently appointed Cluster President of Gulf Countries & Pakistan. In her new role, Darwish will oversee all of the company’s business operations within the region. Hanan Darwish brings outstanding leadership credentials with more than 17 years of experience in Schneider Electric. Prior to her appointment,
Hanan Darwish was Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and  Human Resources for Energy Business in Schneider Electric, her scope covered over 29,000 employees worldwide. She was managing HR Business transformation and change management to support the Group’s profitable Growth ambition while implementing best-in-class and Innovative solutions.
Prior to this role, Hanan was Vice President HR for North America where she was based in Chicago. In that role, she played a key role in driving Schneider Electric’s organizational effectiveness priorities within US, Mexico and Canada through reinforcing leadership development and succession planning, learning, career development, workforce management and Executive recruitment functions.
Previously, she led Human Resources for Schneider Electric France from mid 2008 to early 2012 covering a scope of 22,000 employees.  Where she was responsible of diversified and mutual functions in parallel as Diversity, Health and Social Strategy. She also managed global Transformation Plan for French territory level by developing existing competencies to match future organization needs. Hanan also held executive positions within Learning and Development program of Schneider Electric University. Earlier in her career, Hanan had also served as HR Director for other Schneider Electric regions covering North East Africa as well as Gulf Countries.
Hanan started her career with PROCTER & GAMBLE for 7 years in several business roles as Marketing , customer Business Development and Organization Development.


Dave-Johnson-IC-490x490Dave Johnson
Executive Vice President, IT Division, Schneider Electric

Dave Johnson has been appointed Executive Vice President for the IT Division in April 2016.
The IT Division is a global leader in critical power and cooling in Schneider Electric’s markets and represents ~14% of Schneider Electric’s revenue. Through innovative products and solutions along with management software and services, the IT Division ensures the availability of IT enabled systems within Home and Business Networks, Data Centers and Secure Power Systems for IT and non-IT applications.
Prior to this role, Dave was the Senior Vice President of the Data Center Segment for the IT Division.  Appointed to this position in August 2012, Dave was responsible for the development of our data center strategy and solutions portfolio for Schneider Electric, including rack systems, cooling offers, prefabricated modular systems, management products, advanced services, and overall reference designs.
Dave has held numerous leadership roles within the company including Senior Vice President of the Home and Business Networks line of business (2007-2012), Vice President, Americas (2006), Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Marketing (2006 – 2007), and Chief Sales Officer (2007).


Jean-Marc-Zola-IC-490x490Jean-Marc Zola
Senior VP - Global Business Development, Buildings Business, Schneider Electric

Jean- Marc Zola is the Commercial Senior Vice President – Eco Building Division. In his current role, Jean-Marc oversees all commercial aspects of the business globally including sales, marketing, product management and pricing thereby leading the company’s mission to be a leader in the business of smart building technologies & energy management. 
Jean-Marc Zola started his career in Schneider Electric in 1998 & has been in several management positions within the company in Europe & globally.


Frederic-Godemel-IC-490x490Frederic Godemel
Senior Vice President, Commercial, Energy Business, Schneider Electric

Frederic Godemel  is Senior Vice President Commercial for the Energy Business of Schneider Electric.
He was named to his current position in October 2014, having held earlier positions as Infrastructure Automation Senior Vice President and Project and Services Vice President in Schneider China
Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management and automation with operations in more than 100 countries, offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including leadership positions in nonresidential and residential buildings, industries and machines manufacturers, utilities and infrastructure, and data centers and networks. Its Infrastructure Business is a global leader in medium voltage, grid automation and network management software with sales in excess of 5B€.
Mr. Godemels’s career at Schneider Electric, which he joined in 1990, has developed mostly around the power business in both low & medium voltage, in operational functions in France and more recently in China. He holds a degree in engineering from Centrale and an MBA from Essec.


Pascal-Brosset-IC-490x490Pascal Brosset
Senior Vice President, Innovation, Schneider Electric

SVP Software Strategy, Schneider Electric
Reporting to the Chief Strategy Officer, Pascal is in charge of SE’s overall software strategy across all BUs, including platforming, partnerships and acquisitions.
2015-16 – SVP Strategy & Technology, SE Global Solutions
The Global Solutions Business Unit combined the Software and Services businesses of Schneider Electric and is in charge of the Industry go-to-market. In collaboration with the other BUs, it leads Schneider’s evolution towards solutions and drives group-wide strategic initiatives in the area of IIoT.
2010-15 – Group CTO, Schneider Electric
In charge of the technology strategy across all BUs, with a specific focus on innovation.
Prior to joining Schneider Electric
Pascal was the Chief Strategy Officer of SAP, coming from a High Tech and Consulting background.


Thierry-Chamayou-IC-490x490Thierry Chamayou
Regional Vice President, IT Division, EMEA South, Schneider Electric

Thierry Chamayou is the Vice President – EMEA South for IT Business - Schneider Electric.
Chamayou joined Schneider Electric in 2008 & has been responsible in driving a team of business specialists addressing distribution, overseeing channel partners relationship, company's partner programs implementation, enterprise, datacenters and service sales strategy.
In his current role , he is in charge for the P&L for Middle East, Africa, Latin America region including general management, sales & marketing, business development, go to market strategies, etc. Chamayou has been mandated to consolidate the company’s strategic position in the region, plan future growth and ensure profitable revenue streams and market expansion.
With has an extensive 20 years of industry experience including 15 years in the Middle East, Chamayou has held several senior managerial positions in both Europe and the Middle East at both international distribution houses and major IT vendors & is Known for his astute business acumen. In his experiences in the Middle Eastern countries, he has always achieved profitable business growth while ensuring customer satisfaction consistently.
Chamayou holds a BA in International Business from Leeds Metropolitan University, UK and graduated in 1994 with a Masters degree in International Business Negotiations from the Business School of Fontainebleau, France.


Vincent-Petit-IC-490x490Vincent Petit
Senior Vice President - Global Thought Leadership & Influence Marketing

Vincent has been working in the energy management environment for the last fifteen years, enjoying a rich and diverse experience, both in engineering and marketing roles, in corporate roles and operations, in Europe and abroad.
He originally graduated from the French engineering school Supéléc (Master of Science Electrical Engineering, 2001) and from the University of Texas at Austin, USA (Master of Science Electrical Engineering, 2001). He started his career in Schneider Electric in France, running international power projects across the globe, mainly in Middle East and Africa. He then moved to a corporate role in the global Power business unit of Schneider Electric where he ran the strategy and then the development and offer management for software solutions. In 2011, Vincent moved to Russia where he led the solution business operations for the CIS zone, including Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Since 2015, he runs the global Energy Automation business, a fast growing business at the heart of Smart Grids, made of a very diverse and specialized team across all geographies, including marketing, research and development and operations.
“I am passionate about the energy domain. Over recent years, I’ve grown more and more convinced about the urgent need to tackle the energy transition which is ahead of us. At Schneider Electric, we like to call it our vision for the New World of Energy in 3Ds – digitization, decarbonization & decentralization.”


Stephane-Maravel-IC-490x490Stephane Maravel
Senior Vice President, Marketing, Energy Business, Schneider Electric

Stéphane has 25 years experience in the energy management world, accumulating a rich experience from power generation to distribution, with his career split between 10 years experience in the industrial domain and 15 years focusing on international business management. Stéphane has an Engineering background enriched by a MBA in Strategic Management, and is currently leading the Global Marketing function for the Energy division at Schneider Electric and is additionally in charge of the medium voltage business through channels worldwide.


Michael-Sullivan-photo-IC-490x490Michael Sullivan
President, Buildings Segment, Schneider Electric

Michael Sullivan, President for the Buildings segment including Hotels, Healthcare and Life Sciences segments at Schneider Electric. On his healthcare expertise, Michael is dedicated to helping healthcare facilities improve energy efficiency, patient safety, and the environment of care through intelligent healthcare solutions that integrate building, power, security, and IT management.
Mr. Sullivan works with healthcare leaders and decision makers around the world to understand the needs and challenges of healthcare organizations and facilities today. He is an active and passionate speaker on the benefits of holistic infrastructure design and how healthcare facilities can provide safer, cleaner, and greener facilities, while also reducing operating expenses through energy efficiency. He has also authored several articles for leading Healthcare publications, including the IFHE Digest and Medical Design and Construction.
Since joining Schneider Electric in 1996, Mr. Sullivan has held marketing and sales management roles within the building management and industrial automation organizations of Schneider Electric, in both the United States and France. He most recently served as the Vice President of the Global Strategic Account organization. Mr. Sullivan’s previous experience in the IT industry offers added value and insight into the importance and future of IT in healthcare.
Mr. Sullivan holds advanced business and management degrees from Babson Graduate School of Business and INSEAD, and engineering degrees from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.


Andrew-Bradner-IC-490x490Andrew Bradner
VP, Prefabricated Modular Data Centers, Schneider Electric

•    Founded web-based, enterprise software company, raising two rounds of private funding
•    Brought new products/product lines from conception to market
•    Established ITB GCN China for China Offer Development Team

Professional Experience
Schneider Electric, IT Division, Data Center Systems (April 2015 to current)
Current Title – Vice President, Prefabricated Modular Data Centers
•    Responsible for Schneider Electric’s Prefabricated Data Center business, including the day to day management and integration of the AST acquisition
•    Lead a global team supporting sales support, conceptual design, tendering, offer management, R&D, project engineering, factory operations, and field services for SE’s PMDC business
•    Drive operational and commercial engagement with front office organizations to build a foundation for growth (orders up 109% in 1H 2016)

Schneider Electric, IT Business, Greater China (June 2012 to March 2015)
Last Title – Vice President, China Offer Development and Offer Marketing
•    Manage offer marketing team responsible to manage $300 Million in revenue annually, overseeing 3 years of consecutive growth in an extremely challenging market environment.
•    Developed business case for, and started, ITB’s China for China organization in Shanghai.  First year revenue target exceeded (over $12M in contribution in 2014)
•    Led engagement with China Internet Giants (Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent) leading to new offers and business opportunities

Schneider Electric, IT Business, Home & Business Networks (2002 to May 2012)
Last Title – Vice President, Personal Power Segment
•    Manage product portfolios, roadmaps, revenue and margin contribution for product lines responsible for over $470 Million in revenue annually
•    Develop and implement go to market strategies for ITB’s consumer products with regional business development and channel teams
•    Lead and managed a team of 120 engineers and product managers.

Horizen Systems, Inc (1999 to 2002)
Software start-up focused on Workforce Optimization Solutions
Title – Founder, COO, Director, Product Development
•    Lead consultant on multiple engagements, including a 6-month Outsourced Services Procurement engagement for a Fortune 500 company
•    Design workflows and business processes for Workforce Optimization solutions
•    Manage the day-to-day operations of a 15-person development group

Sumitomo Bank (1998 to 1999)
Consumer bank focused on Japanese customers in the California market.
Title – Marketing Manager
•    Create and analyze customer surveys, permission marketing and retention marketing campaigns
•    Review online banking offerings, making recommendations for next generation features and cross-promotional opportunities
•    Review, select, and negotiate contracts of advertising & PR firms for the launch of a new corporate identity

Yale University (May 1997)
•    Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations.

Seoul American High School (June 1992)


Maurizio-Rovaglio-IC-490x490Maurizio Rovaglio
Vice President Oil & Gas, Technology & Alliances, Schneider Electric

Maurizio Rovaglio is Vice President of Oil & Gas Technology and Alliances at Schneider Electric. Mr. Rovaglio holds a PhD and a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering. He also holds multiple patents and has authored over 100 technical articles published in international scientific journals, and has delivered presentations at multiple international conferences.  Mr. Rovaglio has over 15 years’ experience in software sales, marketing, resource planning and project execution in the O&G domain across the world.  A passion for knowledge-sharing has led to almost 20 years’ experience as a University Professor at Politecnico di Milano where he teaches various control, instrumentation and process design courses.  Mr. Rovaglio is a specialist in the fields of IIoT, virtual reality applications, simulation, process control, Manufacturing Execution Systems, performance monitoring and optimization solutions in the refining, petrochemical and chemical industries.


Pedro-Robredo-IC-490x490Pedro Robredo
Vice President, Secure Power, IT Division, Schneider Electric

Pedro Robredo is currently Vice President Secure Power in charge of Three Phase Power Line of Business at Schneider’s Building & IT Division. In this role Pedro is responsible for the global business including research, development, sustaining, marketing and offer creation and launches. Pedro joined our company from Eaton in 2013 where he was in charge of three phase UPS global launches and product and service management teams. Prior to that he worked at Toshiba Industrial (UPS, Drives), in progressive roles including application engineering, product management, sales, marketing and strategic marketing. All included Pedro has over 20 years of multi-functional experience in leading global companies with increasing responsibilities and a proven leadership track record in power and power quality products.
Pedro’s current role focuses on transforming and strengthening Schneider Electric’s Three Phase business in order to set the foundation for long term undisputable global leadership. 
Pedro attended The University of Texas at Austin on a country-wide full ride scholarship where he graduated with a B.S in Electrical Engineering, an M.S in Systems Engineering and an M.B.A.


Jonathan-Duncan-IC-490x490Jonathan Duncan
Vice President, IT Division Saudi Arabia & Yemen, APC By Schneider Electric

I am a straight forward solution oriented individual with good communication and leadership skills, I believe in honesty and am quick to develop sustainable relationships with trust. I am experienced at managing multicultural sales and technical teams with overall P&L business responsibilities.
• Collectively 20 years experience in the UPS and critical power industry.
• 27 years overall working experience.
• Extensive Data Center Design, Power and Cooling System Engineering knowledge.
• P&L management.
• Sales Team management and leadership.
• Human Resource development.
• Business Development
• Manage people across Cultural diversity
• Project management
• Strategy and deployment
• Distribution sales

• Uptime Institute - Accredited Tier Designer.   (2014)
• APC Cooling and ISX initiation, Kolding Denmark.   (2007)
• Damelin, Business Administration and Management Diploma   (2004)
• MGE UPS Product training – Grenoble Montbonot, France.   (2002)
• Liebert UPS product technical training, Swindon UK.   (1998)
• Johannesburg Technical College N1 – N6 National Diploma.   (1994)
• Milton High School AEB “O” Levels.   (1989)


Sylvian-Lamy-IC-490x490Sylvain Larny
Vice President, Cloud & Finance Segment, IT Division, Schneider Electric

Sylvain joined Schneider Electric in 2016 and is responsible for driving the Segments business across EMEA and Asia Pacific. He also manages a team of Regional Key Account Manager addressing our Strategic Accounts customers for C&SP and Finance Segment.
Prior to this position at Schneider Electric, Sylvain served as Sales Director of Manufacturing Sector at Microsoft. Before joining Microsoft, Sylvain held numerous sales roles at IBM.
Sylvain holds a postdegree level from Polytechnique School.


Deniz-Akkaya-IC-490x490Deniz Akkaya
Vice President, Partner Project and Industry, Gulf Countries and Pakistan, Schneider Electric

Deniz Akkaya is Vice President of Partner Projects and Industry – Gulf countries and Pakistan at Schneider Electric.
Akkaya brings to his role more than 20 years of experience in direct sales, and channel, project and regional marketing management.
In his earlier capacities at Schneider Electric, Deniz Akkaya was Industrial Commercial Vice President for the Middle East, Africa and CIS region. Under his leadership, the division recorded unprecedented sales growth in the region. He has also served as Industry Execution Center Vice President and was instrumental in steering the strategic restructuring of the team.
In a previous role as Industry Vice President Turkey for Schneider Electric, Akkaya was tasked with managing sales, marketing and technical support for OEMs and end users as direct customers. He also oversaw system integrator channel management and was responsible for leading business development and enhancing the training center and services business portfolio.
Akkaya was also affiliated with Johnson Controls International early in a prior capacity as Regional Sales Director for the systems business and supported the company in achieving consolidated annual sales of around US$70 million.
Akkaya is a Turkish citizen. Akkaya holds a Master of Science in Automation and Control Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul.


Peter-Martin-IC-490x490Peter Martin
Vice President, Business Innovation & Marketing, Industry Business, Schneider Electric

Dr. Martin joined The Foxboro Company in the 1970’s and has worked in a variety of positions in training, engineering, product planning, marketing and strategic planning.  He left Foxboro to become Vice President at Intech Controls and also at Automation Research Corporation before returning to Invensys in 1996.  Since his return he had been VP of Marketing for Foxboro, Chief Marketing Officer for Invensys Manufacturing and Process Systems and VP and GM of Business Value Solutions prior to moving into his current position.
He has authored numerous published articles and technical papers and has authored three books: The Value of Automation, Bottom Line Automation and Dynamic Performance Management: The Pathway to World Class Manufacturing, co-authored two books: Real-Time Control of the Industrial Enterprise and Automation Made Easy, and was a contributing author of three books: Operational Excellence: Journey to Creating Sustainable Value, Metrics That Matter, and A Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge.
Dr. Martin holds multiple patents including the patent for Dynamic Performance Measures, Real-Time Activity-Based Accounting, and Profitable Safety, has a pending patent on Asset and Resource Modeling and has applied for a patent on Asset Control Systems.
Fortune named Dr. Martin a Hero of U.S. Manufacturing. He was also named as one of the 50 Most Influential Innovators of All Time by Intech, and received the Life Achievement Award by the International Society of Automation (ISA). In 2013 Dr. Martin was elected to the Process Automation Hall of Fame, received the Invensys President’s Award, and was selected as a Fellow of the International Society of Automation.
Dr. Martin has BA and MS degrees in Mathematics and an MA degree in Administration and Management, a Master of Biblical Studies degree, a PhD in Industrial Engineering, and a PhD in Biblical Studies.


Gordon-Falconer-IC-490x490Gordon Falconer
Director, Smart Cities, Schneider Electric

Gordon is Director of Smart Cities for Schneider Electric, based in Singapore, and is a former Director of Cisco, Urban Innovation and also the former Head of Masdar City Real Estate & Strategy. He is a smart city expert, city consultant, global thought leader in cities, technology clusters, property & infrastructure developer, city developer, and chartered surveyor.
He has more than 20 years of experience in urban innovation, smart city consulting, innovation cluster creation, smart city pilots, urban development, sustainable property development, utility and infrastructure development.
Gordon has worked heavily in the urban environment on cities and city scale projects globally for the last 4 years with Cisco Systems as a trusted advisor to both the public and private sectors, NGO’s, government leaders with including World Bank and European Commission. In Singapore, he is an advisor to Government agencies & R&D panels and in the UK he is an advisory board member of University College London’s City Leaders programme. He is also on the Advisory Board for the Barcelona Institute of Technology & Habitat.
Gordon brings a strategic understanding and economic development perspective to smart cities and urban development given his background in property development and city / urban development.
He was formerly head of strategy and real estate for Masdar City, one of the world's most innovative greenfield and sustainable city projects in Abu Dhabi. During this time, he was heavily involved with strategy for both sustainable real estate and sustainable utility integration in the areas of clean energy, water, infrastructure, information and communications technology, (ICT), and ICT financing. In particular, he was involved with the development of Masdar City as an economic cluster to drive foreign direct investment and economic diversification.
Gordon was also Vice President, Asset Management Real Estate, at The National Investor, a leading Abu Dhabi Investment Bank. He also held executive positions at Jones Lang Lasalle and CB Richard Ellis in Australia. In 2013 he was ranked No.47 by UBM Future Cities in their Top 100 City Innovators index.
Based in Singapore, Gordon is also engagements with cities, governments, and corporations in South East Asia, India, and internationally. He is a member of both The Australian Property Institute and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.


Hans-Luppens-IC-490x490Hans Luppens
Director, Industrial Solutions, IT Division, Schneider Electric

Hans Luppens is the Global Business Development Director for the IT D Division leading the Segments Healthcare, WWW and F&B.
Hans has studied in the HTS Haarlem (Holland) and Bsc Degree in telecommunications.. He has studied a MBA in ESMA (Barcelona)
Prior to this position at Schneider Electric Hans  served as Technical Director at Simon S.A , leader in Spain in Wiring Devices and Control.
He also worked in the Middle east and Asia for Philips Healthcare in various positions.


Chi-Sen-IC-490x490Chi Sen Gay
Head of Data Center Software Solutions (APJ & EMEA), Schneider Electric

Chi Sen is based in Singapore and heads the Data Centre Software Solutions business for Schneider Electric across Asia Pacific, Japan, Europe, Middle East & Africa.  Chi Sen’s responsibility includes business management, product & go-to market strategy, and project execution. Chi Sen’s excellent understanding and expertise on datacenter software solutions is heavily sought after in the industry.
Chi Sen has more than 20 years of experience in management and strategy in the enterprise software and IT infrastructure business.  Throughout Chi Sen's career, he meets and consults with CIOs, IT Management, Data Center Executives, IT Security Executives and Industry Analysts on initiatives pertaining to IT Infrastructure, Data Center and IT Security.
Prior to joining Schneider Electric, Chi Sen was at IBM where he was part of the leadership team for the software business.  Chi Sen also held several management positions at CA and Sun Microsystems, where he was instrumental in leading the software business in both organisations.
Chi Sen is a citizen of Singapore. Chi Sen holds a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) from the National University of Singapore.


Yusuf-Kapadia-IC-490x490Yusuf Kapadia
Principal Technical Safety Consultant, Safety Systems Portfolio, Schneider Electric

Yusuf S Kapadia is the Principal Technical Safety Consultant at Schneider Electric for Triconex safety and critical control systems and offerings, responsible primarily for Safety Portfolio in the Middle East Region. He joined Invensys before the acquisition of Schneider Electric in 2014.
He is a TÜV-certified Functional Safety Engineer with more than 15 years experience in the process control and automation industry, and has extensive experience in design of safety systems and the safety lifecycle management arena. He also has Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification from Project Management Institute (PMI) with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Instrumentation and Process Control with extensive hands-on experience in Project Management for C&I Systems Projects.
He is currently leading all Implementations for Safety Lifecycle Services business for Triconex, Schneider Electric in the region.
Yusuf is an Indian citizen and is an industry expert in process automation safety. He is widely respected in the industry for his knowledge and expertise and is sought after by all leading customers.


Luc-Geerts-IC-490x490Luc Geerts
Consulting Solutions Sales Director, Schneider Electric

Luc is the Senior Consulting Solutions Director for Software Applications with Schneider Electric in Middle East and North Africa.
In his role he is responsible for leading a team of consultants that provide consultancy on applications for process and operations to the markets covered by Schneider Electric’s Software Divison of Global Solutions in the Middle East and North Africa.
He has been living in the region for over 15 years with stints in Oman, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and now in Dubai. He has previously worked for Honeywell, Aspentech and Invensys before it was taken over by Schneider Electric in early 2014. Luc holds a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from KUL in Leuven, Belgium


Sandeep-Pathania-IC-490x490Sandeep Pathania
Senior Manager, Cyber Security Advance Services Offer, Energy Business, Schneider Electric

- MBA (Strategy, Marketing and Leadership) ESC Montpellier, France
- Bachelors in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from State of Punjab, India

15 years of total experience in Offer Management, R&D, Marketing and business development of Energy Digital solutions
Currently leading a team of Cyber Security consultants and engineers to deliver cyber security for Operational technology systems
Extensive experience in cyber security applied to critical infrastructure systems in Electrical utilities, O&G and other electro intensive industrial segments and OT compliance/certification programmes on various international and national cyber security standards like IEC62443, ISA99, BDEW Germany, ANSSI France and NERC-CIP.


Jaymin-Patel-IC-490x490Jaymin Patel
Pursuit Leader, Industry Business, Schneider Electric

An agile results oriented techno-commercial leader, with 19 years of experience and a proven track record of successfully developing business and delivering large-scale, complex software projects Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage & Infrastructure market sector.  Consistently led the winning pursuit teams for major projects by defining winning strategies, both in terms of technical solution, delivery and commercial strategy.
A strong, pro-active and motivated leader who leads from the front, manages by example and values empowerment of the team through successful, training and mentoring - resulting in a cohesive team capable of taking ownership and excel in terms of individual and company objectives.


Asmaa Hosni
CEO & MD, Information Technology & Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), Egypt

With over 30 years of executive experience in information technology and over 25 years holding high tech senior management positions, Asmaa Hosny has led the development and execution of business strategies in leading local and regional organizations. Hosny has established key alliances on several strategic initiatives besides building several successful technology companies with regional and global outreach.
Ms. Hosny is the CEO of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency, ITIDA, the IT arm of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, MCIT. She led a wide range of initiatives, programs, and projects launched since assuming office on April 1, 2016. During one year, she contributed to upgrading the innovative and collaborative environment in Egypt. Hosny’s unremitting efforts encompass “Silicon Waha,” expanding the footprint of science and tech parks across second-tier cities creating 500 thousand new jobs. Egypt was awarded EOA prestigious title of the Outsourcing Destination of the Year 2016 while Hosny is still in service.
Asmaa Hosny has accomplished tremendous breakthroughs enacting large-scale projects leading to the technology-enabled transformation of many socio–economic sectors. Additionally, Asmaa is one of the pioneers in introducing innovative mobility solutions across various platforms including mobile financial services, mobile health, and mobile learning. In launching these new initiatives, she mobilized efforts with the Central Bank of Egypt and key financial institutions to bring these initiatives to the Egyptian market, thereby driving growth and sustainability.
Hosny started her career at Orascom Group, where she led only in few years one of the company’s major acquisitions in the health sector. Through effectively managing regional teams and distribution networks, she successfully managed to carry out regional megaprojects in different key areas, all of which resulted in high impact in transforming these sectors.
Capitalizing on this success, she led a career in many reputable organizations in the Telecom and IT industry. She co-founded and established successful local and regional enterprises including Wasla Egypt and Solutions Plus in Egypt as well as Health Insights in the United Arab Emirates.
Hosny earned her Bachelor degree in Economics and Political Science from Cairo University in 1980. She received several advanced academic degrees in the ICT fields, along with graduate studies at Cairo University’s Institute of Statistical Studies and Research (ISSR) in 1983.


Yasser-El-Kady-IC-490x490H.E. Eng. Yasser El Kady
Egyptian Minister of Communications & Information Technology

Yasser Elkady is the Minister of Communications and Information Technology in Egypt. ElKady has been in the IT and Telecom industry for over 25 years with solid experience in strategic planning, technology integration, business development and organizational transformation.
In January 2014, ElKady held the position of the Regional Director for HP Networking in the Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa (MEMA) for HP Egypt.
From October 2010 to January 2014, he was the CEO of the Egyptian Information Technology Industry Development Agency(ITIDA) leading its efforts to develop the IT industry in Egypt, achieving export revenue of USD 1.4 billion and maintaining healthy growth margins for local IT vendors in the economic downturn following the revolution.
Throughout his career, ElKady spearheaded a number of national developmental initiatives. As a first deputy to the Minister of Investment, he led Egypt Investment promotion efforts, and supervised strategic investment projects worth USD 16 billion; he also contributed to developing the national ICT and innovation strategy, as a board member in ITIDA, and a member in the Ministry of ICT advisory board.
Before joining the government ElKady led several notable, highly successful enterprises through periods of significant growth. He started Cisco Egypt from ground up and grew the business by 70-fold. He then led Cisco’s strategy and business development efforts in MEA and Emerging Markets to realize 40% Y-to-Y growth and a business worth USD 750 million. He managed to establish Orascom IIS as the first communication supplier in Egypt, and led Jeraisy Co. to double its market share in a year time.


General-Khaled-Fouda-IC-490x490H.E. Major General Khaled Fouda
Governor of South Sinai

Major General/ Khaled Fouda is the current Governor of South Sinai and former Governor of Luxor, he was graduated from The Egyptian Military Academy in 1991 and he has held several positions He has held several positions as a Commander of the Armored Corps, to a director of the Institute of Armored Corps to Defense Forces and the military commander till he was promoted in the position of the Governor of Luxor until he became the Governor of South Sinai.

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