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How to configure and setup Scada Pack E - series RTU over Modbus TCP?

Follow steps as below :-
-  Configure scadapack RTU from E-configurator with settings as shown . 

Configure some analog points like derived point of analog type 16 bit in E-configurator tool and leave Modbus address as default or may be specified.
You may define analog,binary as per your requirement and they can be read directly from modbus client.

The Point Number, Type and Modbus Register address are specified when the point is created.The Modbus register mapping for the point is displayed only when you have assigned a specific Modbus register to the point. It is not displayed when Modbus registers have been automatically mapped to DNP3 points. Depending on your starting address , the Modbus mapping will differ.

Test with modscan by entering IP address of Scada pack and Unit ID. Values can be seen as read in modscan.  Similary  Vijeo Citect and third party scada software can be communicated to scadapack By using modnet drivers .

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