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Can the Micom Series 20 of type P127 Supports the CB Auto Recloser protection function ?

P123, P127: Auto recloser (79)
MiCOM P123 and P127 relays include a 4-shot tri phase auto recloser. All the
programmed protection functions may independently start any of the shots and the
user can program which functions can trip after any of the shots. This
makes possible special reclosing cycles e.g. as requested for coordination with
fuses in distribution with tapped transformers.
To prevent excessive number of reclosing cycle in a short period of time, a setting
Can be used to define the maximum number of reclosing Cycle allowed in a period after the first one was detected.

Dead and reclaim times are freely adjustable.

counter stores the number of reclose commands. This information is free locally or

remotely. To inform operator that auto recloser has been blocked internally or
externally, output relays can be assigned to these signals.

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