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What is the function of powerLogic EGX300 integrated gateway-server?

Published date: 12 March 2021

The EGX300 integrated gateway-server uses only a simple web browser and 
Ethernet network to access, log and display real-time data and trend plots from up 
to 64 PowerLogic system devices, including other gateway devices on the same 
network.  The EGX300 embedded web page function and 512 Mb of onboard 
memory allow users to create pages for viewing data from their electrical system 
and store third-party web pages and documents such as instruction bulletins or 
equipment and system diagrams.
PowerLogic software compatibility
Combine the EGX300 with PowerLogic software for extensive analysis and 
additional functionality. The EGX300 is compatible with:
  • PowerLogic ION EEM enterprise energy management software
  • PowerLogic ION Enterprise power management software
  • PowerLogic System Manager power management software
  • PowerLogic PowerView power monitoring software

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