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What is the Difference between CCT15482 & P/N 15482 ?

Published date: 15 March 2021

P/N CCT15482 is the new Acti9 IC100 twilight switch while P/N 15482 is the old platform IC100 twilight switch.

Old Platform P/N 15284 was delivered with a wall-mounted cell P/N 15268. P/N 15268 was never sold separately but only in combination with old platform IC100. If this cell got damaged, customer can order the spare wall-mounted cell P/N CCT15268.

New Platform P/N CCT15482 is delivered with a wall-mounted cell P/N CCT15268. P/N CCT15268 can be sold separately as a spare part.

According to the attached instruction sheet for Acti9 IC100 twilight switch P/N CCT15482, it is compatible with P/N CCT15263.

However, the old platform of IC100 twilight switch P/N 15482 is not compatible with the new analogue light sensor P/N CCT15263.

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