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Why Can't I connect to a Quantum high end CPU running FW >= 3.6 using UnityPro <= 7.0 ?

Published date: 30 March 2021

The latest Quantum CPU Firmware version compatible with UnityPro 7.0 is the version 3.53

I can connect UnityPro 7.0 (and lower verions) to a Quantum CPU running firmware 3.6 when the CPU is in NOCONF state, but once it is loaded with an application, the connection becomes impossible.

Due to cyber security enhancements, from Quantum CPU FW version 3.6 it is no more possible to connect UnityPro V7.0 (and lower versions) to such a CPU.
There is no other way but upgrading to a later UnityPro/Control Expert software version
side effect : the latest UnityPro version able to connect to Quantum Safety CPUs being UnityPro 7.0, there is no other way but keeping a UnityPro version 7.0 in a dedicated PC or a VM to be able to connect to this CPU range.

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