Grid reliability – Advanced fault management

Keeping your grid reliable has never been more important. With the power usage patterns shifting dramatically in these challenging times, grid operators need to do make everything they can to avoid outages.

Fault management is key here as it lets you locate, isolate, and eliminate errors while rerouting the power to avoid affecting as many end-users as possible.

Discover in the use case document how you can get operations up and running faster using innovative advanced FLISR processes that speed restoration and reduce outages’ impact.

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How can smart grid solutions and electricity distribution network strategies enable the Grids of the Future?

In today's challenging times, grid reliability has never been more important. With power usage patterns changing dramatically, digital grid operators have to find new ways to keep grids running smoothly and efficiently. Schneider Electric offers dedicated smart grid solutions that have proven to be a highly reliable and cost-effective way of managing the grid's power usage. By implementing our smart grid solutions, grid operators can ensure that their grids remain steadfast even under changing conditions. With a robust, innovative, and sustainable grid in place, operators can monitor and control the energy flow, ensuring its efficient and safe use. Additionally, an intelligent and agile grid distribution network can help reduce energy costs by optimising energy production and consumption.