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    Sustainable Investments

    Energy Access funds: projects that take action

    Within Access to Energy, Schneider Electric created the Schneider Electric Energy Access (SEEA) impact-investing fund. It supports small and medium companies with innovative energy access solutions.

    The company also supports the Energy Access Ventures Fund that will invest of €60 million to transform lives and stimulate economic development across Africa by providing access to electricity for a million people. This fund is jointly backed by Schneider Electric, CDC Group, the UK Department for International Development (DFID), European Investment Bank, FISEA-PROPARCO, OFID, and AFD-FFEM.
    • Energy Access Ventures Fund

      Launched with five partners, the Energy Access Fund will transform lives and stimulate economic development across Africa by providing electricity access solutions. Its goal is to reach a million people by 2020.

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    • Investment in One Degree Solar

      Discover One Degree Solar Company that designs, produces, and distributes solar products, thus improving access to energy as well as communication and information in off-grid African communities.

    • Helping people build better lives

      Chênelet is putting disenfranchised people back to work building energy efficient, eco-friendly homes. Schneider Electric Energy Access fund (SEEA) participates to the Social eco-housing branch.

      Since 2009, Schneider Electric Energy Access fund has invested on the following companies

      France (2011)

      Caisse solidaire
      Nord Pas-de-Calais
      Social Savings and Loans to create jobs and social, environmental or cultural activities.

      Foncière Chênelet
      Social eco-housing, integration of unemployed people into the labour market.

      Solasyst - LVD Energy
      (ex-La Varappe)
      Integration into the working world. SEEA contributes to the sustainable construction activity

      Financial and technical support to local micro-financing structures, in emerging countries.

      Support of businesses creation in France through micro-finance. SEEA contributes with specific focus on electricians.

      International (2011-2014)

      East Africa (2013)
      Pay-as-you-go solar energy solution for households and small businesses distributed through mobile operators.

      One Degree Solar
      Kenya (2013)
      Plug-and-play solar system for households and small businesses.

      West Africa (2013)
      Pay-as-you-go solar decentralised power station home and small businesses sized.

      Simpa Networks
      India (2012)
      Pay-as-you-go solar systems for households and small businesses.

      Senegal (2011)
      Solar irrigation and products for rural population.


      Tanzania (2014)
      SunFunder, a  financing company that specializes in companies seeking to increase energy access in emerging countries

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