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    Philippa, UK

    Delivery Resource Coordinator

    "Schneider allows flexibility via trust and understanding. I’ve found a great life/work balance here."

The shared fruits of labor

"I love that my hobby unites all walks of life. People appreciate the fruits and vegetables from my garden. It’s great exercise, and it supports my community," explains Philippa Clayton, who shares the produce with friends, family, and beyond. "I produce so much, I have to give it out at the office — they don’t seem to mind!" Philippa not only contributes some of her harvest (and award-winning jams) to her colleagues; she coordinates labor for the Industry Business, placing critical delivery experts in the field for Schneider Electric UK. Whether she’s taking on new service projects or preparing to sweep the prizes at next year’s May Fair, Philippa’s mentality is the same: "I like to be pushed to learn something new. Every day is a school day! 'Not knowing' always motivates me to do great things."
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