Howard Bowland is vice president and general manager of Schneider Electric Field Services in Pacific Zone. Howard is responsible for the growth and development of the services business in the Electro-Sensitive and Electro-Intensive industries and business in this zone.    Howard's team offers a focussed set of technology services that enable organizations to improve their safety, operations and enable their transformation to Digital in a sustainable and effective way. They provide service innovation focussed on delivering operational and reliability through lifecycle services, creating great customer ownership experiences. Prior to his current role, Howard was leading the portfolio development of Intelligent Edge services and OEM services for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. During this time Howard led a team that delivered new portfolio development and innovation for the service business in a worldwide capacity, based in Houston from 2016-2018. Before that Howard was the vice president and General manager for Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Asia Pacific and Japan from 2010-2016.  A 20-year veteran of the technology services industry, Howard has held several senior management and business positions within HP, Compaq and Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Before joining HP (DEC), Howard held senior sales and marketing positions with XP Software in the USA and Australasia.