EGX300 v4.370 Firmware and 4.370 Disk Update
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EGX300 v4.370 Firmware and 4.370 Disk Update

RELEASE NOTES:Updates:Version 4.370 firmware provides:•Added Time-out for SMTP and HTTP Data Log Export•Updated ModbusTCP Client to handle connections closed by ModbusTCP Servers•Modified Data Log Export algorithm•Added Acti9 Dashboard functionalityDevice Support:•Added the following devicesoVigilohm IM400oiEM3350oiEM3355•Added Input Metering Pulse Count to iEM3x55 and PM3255 Logging•Added Trending Support for the Conext TL•Updated ION7650 Reset Handling•Changed Micrologic E Min/Max Reset to reset both Min and Max values•Changed PM5350 "Total Energy" from "Energy Delivered + Received" to "Energy Delivered-Received"•Fixed issue with logging strings not matching topic for PM5100/PM5300, EM4800, PM5350xB, PM5350, and PM5500•Fixed issue with iEM3155 and iEM3255 not displaying Input 1 Pulse Weight correctly•Added check to PM3250 device type to determine whether or not to display Input Metering Values•Fixed Per Phase Power Trending in the iEM3150Additional Product/Support Improvements







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