EGX300 v4.400 Firmware and 4.400 Disk Update
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EGX300 v4.400 Firmware and 4.400 Disk Update

Updates:Version 4.400 Firmware provides: Address an issue where the NTP Timestamp causing invalid date/time stamps in log files. Corrected Dashboard Interval Calculation caused by differences in Time Zones. Corrected SMTP Device Log Export where the server does not require authentication. Updated Varlogic NRC12 Real Time Readings. Updated EM6436 Real Time Readings. Fixed EM7000 Energy Logging. Fixed PM3250 Logging. Fixed PM5350 Demand Logging. Added the following device support:oBCPM-EoPM2xxxoEM6400NGoCompact/Masterpact I/OoMicrologic connected via IFE or IFMoActi 9 Smartlink Ethernet. Additional Product/Support Improvements







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