Custom Quoted On-site Service Contract

The Custom Quoted On-site Service Contract provides remedial repairs as well as one scheduled preventive maintenance service visit during the agreement year. The information below is subject to change depending on the service contract purchased. Please contact your qualified Schneider Electric Services sales representative for a detailed description of your custom quoted on-site service contract. 1.1 On-site Remedial Services Schneider Electric Services will dispatch qualified personnel to provide repairs in the event of a problem. Parts, labor and travel costs are all included. On-site service from Schneider Electric Services is available in three different configurations that allow the Customer to determine how quickly Schneider Electric Services will arrive on-site. Next-business-day is the standard on-site offering and includes an annual Preventive Maintenance visit. Schneider Electric Services offers one-year 8-hour and 4-hour on-site response upgrades. Both of these offerings are available on a 24/7 basis, including weekends and holidays. (Not available in some locations. Please consult with your local Schneider Electric Services sales representative for coverage in your area).1.2 Annual Preventive Maintenance Visit Included as part of the On-site Service, the annual preventive maintenance visit provides a comprehensive visual, environmental, and electronic inspection of the system to help ensure that components are performing to defined technical and environmental specifications.







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