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What does 'HMI R/W mode' on the Unity Pro status bar mean?

Published date: 26 June 2020

This indicates the HMI access rights. A project (application) can have different modes:
1/ HMI R/W mode - HUMAN_MACHINE_INTERFACE Read/Write mode is the default mode when opening a project.
2/ HMI R/O mode - Read only mode is active when:.
- a project is opened in Read Only mode by checking the option 'Open the project in read-only mode' in
the Open file window.
- opening a project that was previously opened in Write mode using Pserver (2nd session of Unity).
A popup window alerts the user when opening the project. This mode does not allow saving of the project.
The user will be asked if he/she wants to switch to the currently opened session of Unity Pro.


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