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EEM report download feature exports the wrong report

Goals and Symptoms

When a report is initially generated and exported, the report file is exactly what is expected. The issue is such that when a report is re-generated with different parameters and then exported, the exported report still has the original parameters in it. To re-create this issue, select any report in EEM and perform the following steps:

1. Configure the parameters for the selected report and generate it.
2. Select a Download file type from the drop-down box and then click Download to export it.
3. Open up the exported report and verify it is the report that just ran.
4. Change the inputs of the report and re-generate it.
5. Without selecting anything from the drop-down (the previous format is still selected), click the Download button.
6. Open up the newly exported report to discover it is an exact copy of the first exported report.

Causes and Fixes

This is a known bug introduced as early as EEM 3.96 and is resolved in EEM 4.0R2. The issue can be hotfixed by Continuous Engineering, though that is not the recommended course of action. An upgrade from the existing version to EEM 4.0R2 is the recommended resolution to this exporting issue.
As a temporary workaround, the Download file type must be again selected from the drop-down menu and then exported as normal.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL209187 V1.0, Originally authored by DaDu on 09/26/2012, Last Edited by DaDu on 09/26/2012
Related ranges: EEM V3.95, EEM 4.00

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