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What is the replacement part for Premium PLC TSXP573623M?

Published date: 29 June 2020

Goals and Symptoms

What is the replacement part for Premium PLC TSXP573623M?

Facts and Changes

This resolution informs the user of the replacement part for a Premium PLC bearing part number TSXP573623M and highlights the differences.

Causes and Fixes

The replacement part number for Premium PLC bearing part number TSXP573623M is a TSXP573623AM.
The following explains the salient features of the "A" PLCs.

  • · Originally Premium CPUs(1) were equipped with 486 DX5 INTEL microprocessor. As this component became obsolete in 2006, Schneider Automation replaced it with the 486 DX4.
    • (1) only part number TSXP57303M, TSXP57353M, TSXP573623M, TSXP57453M and TSXP574823M are concerned.
  • · The CPUs equipped with 486 DX4 microprocessor are differentiated from those equipped with 486 DX5 by a A letter in the part number as illustrated as follows:
Old CPU equipped with 486 DX5 microprocessor New CPU equipped with 486 DX4 microprocessor
TSXP57303 A M
TSXP57353 A M
TSXP573623 A M
TSXP57453 A M
TSXP574823 A M
  • · The new CPUs (part number TSXP57*AM) have same capabilities as old CPUs (part number TSXP57*M), excepted the scan time which is slightly longer.
    • The spreadsheet hereunder provides scan time increasing for new CPUs regarding the corresponding old one.

  • · Consequences on the Operating System : the OS of old CPUs is not compatible with new ones. Then OS for new CPUs (TSXP57xx3AM) are provided separately.

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