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Elaboration on the characteristic of the "black" port and the "green" port of the Sepam Series 20, 40, and 80. Does it use MODBUS Protocol? Is control power included? (ANSI)

Published date: 19 May 2020

For the display ("black" port) we use a standard CAN protocol and for the communication ("green" port) we use a "built in" protocol. These ports are not Modbus protocol.
The CAN protocol does include control power and will supply power to all remote modules (DSM303, MET148 & MSA141). These modules are connected using a CCA77x cable and can be daisy chained by connecting the Dd port (outgoing) to the next module. This will allow control power to be distributed to all modules on the daisy chain. A maximum of 3 modules are allowed on each daisy chain.

The communications protocol does not include control power and it must be supplied separately by a 12V or 24V DC source, as pictured below:


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