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Sending Emails from the Launcher Module in VIP

Published date: 09 June 2020

Goals and Symptoms


How to send emails from the Launcher module in VIP.


Launder Module


Causes and Fixes


Customer wants to send emails from the VIP.

Sometimes the customer wants to be notified of what happens in the VIP via email.
The following information is about sending emails from the launcher module in the VIP.
Starting a command emailer such as BLAT or Wmailto:
VIP Service does not require any special configuration.

    • 1.      There are two common command line email sending utilities that we have heard about and they are blat.exe and wmail.exe
    • 2.      We have successfully used blat with the launcher module even with sending variables in the email. Here is the command line that worked for us:
    • blat h:\arp_output.txt -subject alert_source_1=%v1 -body Source_1_has_triggered_an_alert_at_%%v1 -to
    • 7         Blat must already be configured in order for the above command to work. Setup the basic parameters for blat first using the "blat -install <server addr> <sender's addr> [ [ ]] [-q]" command. See the help file for blat for an explanation of how to use this.
      7         Quotation marks in the blat command can not be used with the launcher module even though they worked fine at the command line.
More Information
Blat can be downloaded from:

Please see the write-up in the ION Programmers Reference ( for more information on the detailed operation of the launcher module

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