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Can System Manager Software (SMS) be used to change Sepam Relay settings remotely?

Published date: 14 July 2020

Product Line: 
SMS v4.2 and lower
SFT2841 software

System Manager Software (SMS) v4.2 and lower cannot be used to change remote settings in the Sepam Series 20, 40, and 80 relay.  It can only be used to view and log real-time data, capture waveforms, and send TC commands (such as "open", "close", "reset", etc.....) to the Sepam relay.

The SFT2841 software is the software tool used to change settings and operations for Sepam Series 20, Series 40, and Series 80.  SFT2841 can be used to load, unload, modify Sepam protection and parameter settings.  It can also be used to obtain measurements, and extract useful information during commissioning.  SFT2841 can connect to Sepam devices remotely when they are connected to a to E-LAN multipoint communication network.  This network will allow the user to communicate in 4 different protocols: Modbus, IEC103, DNP3 and IEC61850.  SFT2841 is also capable of communicating to the Sepam Relay over ethernet using a gateway, such as an EGX.

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