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Wiser Power Meter will not connect to Coordinator

Wiser Power Meter will not connect to Coordinator.  Home Owner entered the catch phrase of Power Meter, but the device will not add the network.

Product Line:
Wiser Home Management System,  EER21200, WISERJLPM200

Wiser Home Management System (EER series USA models only)

This issue can be caused by several factors.  The most common cause found in 2014, state of Texas, KB Homes, was that the contractors install the Power Meter in metal boxes on the outside of the house.  The metal box blocks the ZigBee radio signal.

Some locations, such as Texas, it is common to install a Utility Meter / Circuit Breaker Combo panel on the outside of the house.   If the breaker panel is on the outside of the house, then the Power Meter is probably on the outside of the house as well.  Find out the condition of the Power Meter installation.  If the Power Meter is in a metal box, then test joining to the network with the cover the of the metal box removed.   If this works, then the metal box is the cause.   The first recommended action is to force the installing contractor to install the Power Meter in a plastic or fiberglass enclosure.   Another solution is to install the Coordinator or another Wiser Device very close to the Power Meter but on the inside of the house.  If the distance is short enough, the devices might be able to communicate even though the Power Meter is in a metal enclosure.  

Verify that the breaker feeding power to the Power Meter is on.  Verify that the Power Meter indicator lights work properly and that and the Power Meter is in join mode.  
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