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How to add a webpage to the PM8ECC?

Published date: 23 June 2020

The only webpages available are energy readings and power readings under monitoring tab on PM8ECC webpage.

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By default there is only Instantaneous readings under monitoring tab on PM8ECC webpage.

Use WebPageGenerator to add Circuit summary, Load Current, Demand Current, Power and energy readings web pages.  WebPageGenerator is a unique tool that creates built in web pages that can be downloaded by going to FA212905.

After downloading WebPageGenerator follow the steps below to add the webpages.

  1. Open WebPageGenerator, and if you do not have the files to send, select new at the first screen and then select OK.
  1. Enter the Equipment Name and Select PM8 Ethernet Card. Then Select Next >.
  1. Add the device to the list on the right using the Device List and the > arrow. Once it is in the right box change the address to the meters Modbus address(Address 255 may be appropriate). Then select Next >.
  1. Unless changes are needed, the defaults can be left and Finish can be selected.
  1. Enter the IP Address, UserName, and Password, and select Next >.
    • ​​PM800 defaults:
      IP Address
      User name Administrator
      Password Gateway
  1. Select Send to upload the pages to the PM8ECC.

Additional Information: Utilizing the embedded web server in the PowerLogic CM3000 or CM4000 circuit monitor with Ethernet Communications Card (ECC21), PowerLogic PM800 power meter with Ethernet Communications Card (PM8ECC) or the Powerlogic EGX400 Ethernet Gateway, the WebPageGenerator (WPG) creates web pages and loads them to the embedded web server providing a simple web interface for viewing real-time and historical information from power monitoring, control, and circuit protective devices.

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