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How to generate a *.ccn file from Concept to link to Vijeo Designer V6.x

Published date: 15 April 2020

Need to create a CCN file for linking Concept Variables to Vijeo Designer. 

Product Line
Concept / Vijeo Designer

PLC and HMI Configuraton software in Windows.

The file format of *.CCN has the identical file content  to the Variable Export format *.txt from Concept.

To create the file, follow these steps:
1) Open the Concept project, go to menu item File -->Export...

2) Select Target File Format 'Variables:Text delimited' then press the OK button

3) Choose the Export Settings as desired, but ensure you enter a comma "," in the Separator setting for User defined. This is the delimiter that is required by Vijeo Designer for linking the file.

4) Press the OK button.
5) Select the target file *.txt ... or enter a file name *.ccn
6) This will create a Variable Export file *.txt or *.ccn

Note: This is for located variables only (located in the StateRAM of CPU)

If you created a *.txt file and want to link it into Vijeo Designer, simply rename it to *.ccn.

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