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Can not save configuration in ION Setup

Published date: 26 June 2020

A user is unable to save any configuration in ION Setup. Upon closing and reopening ION Setup all previous configuration is lost.

Product Line
ION Setup 3.0

ION Setup 3.0 Configuration

User does not have sufficient permissions necessary to modify the configuration files.

Later versions of ION Setup (3.0) split the install into two distinct types: writeable files and non-writeable files.
Non-writeables files by default are stored in "program files" folder. Only administrator users have access to these files.
Writeable files go into a user specific location.
To find the location of these file click on the Checkbox on the toolbar or goto Tools > Options in ION Setup:

The config folder is hidden so the user will need to show hidden folders
(within windows explore: alt+T > Folder Options > View > Adv settings > Hidden files and folders > Show hidden files)
 To check permission navigate to the config directory, right-click on the folder and goto the security tab:

If the user is not listed in Properties, then most likely they fall under Everyone which doesn't have write access.
Right-click on the folder with the administrator account, grant the privileges to the user account. This will allow the user to access the config files.

Alternatively, the user could move the files to another location where they have rights, however this would require the user to update the registry to the new location for ION:S to find the files.


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