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Rebooting a C-Bus C-Touch Colour touchscreen

Published date: 05 December 2019

To reboot a C-Touch Colour screen, first thing is to remove the fascia from the CTC.
- On the right hand side of the unit you will find a plastic bar that sits flush with the housing, this needs to be press in to release the fascia.
- Gently pull away from the screen about 1cm and slide to the left to release from the locking tabs

Located on the bottom right hand side of the CTC you will find a 'Silver' 5x5mm button.
- Press this button once
- The screen will go blank and now reboot

This is also known as a warm start.

This will not affect the programming of the unit,
Note:-  If you press the reset button on a Mk2 BW or Colour Spectrum. this will clear the unit completely requiring a firmware and project restoral

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