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What is the SNMP capability for Schneider Electric PLCs?

Published date: 15 June 2020

Transparent Ready products that support SNMP
Product Line:
Modicon Quantum, M340, M580
 Schneider Electric Transparent Ready products support two SNMP MIBs:
Standard MIB II: This first level of network management can be accessed via this interface. It lets the manager identify the devices that create the architecture and retrieve general information on the configuration and operation of the Ethernet TCP/IP interface.

MIB Transparent Ready interface: Schneider has obtained a private MIB, groupe_schneider (3833) (see page 355). This MIB includes a set of data that enables the network management system to supervise the Ethernet services. The Transparent Ready private MIB can be downloaded from the Web server on any Transparent Ready module in a PLC.

SNMP is used to do the following:
1. query devices, such as host computer(s), routers, switches, and bridges, to determine their status
2. obtain statistics about the networks to which they are attached

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