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My VIP in Designer does not show up in list of available nodes

Published date: 01 April 2020

Specific VIP does not show up in the list of available nodes in Designer

Power Monitoring Expert, 8.x, 9.0

Designer in PME

This can happen in PME8.x or PME9.0 if you are using a custom Log Inserter and are excluding the VIP from the list of nodes/data recorders that the Log Inserter monitors. The Log Inserter can  be customized by configuring it in Designer so that the Log Acquisition modules are not set to ALL, and Input Logs are explicitly linked. It can also be customized using the LogAcquisitionControl.xml file.

Designer looks in the SRC_Source table in ION_Network to obtain the list of available nodes. It is the Log Inserter that populates SRC_Source, so if a VIP is excluded from the Log Inserter, there will be no entry for it in SRC_Source, and this it will not be available for Designer. Note that prior to PME8.x, Designer looked in the SoftwareNode table to find available nodes so this problem would not occur.

The workaround is to configure the LogAcquisitionControl.xml file so that the VIP event log is monitored.
The LogAcquisitionControl.xm can be found in 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\Power Monitoring Expert\config\cfg\logsrv

To do this, include a section in this file like this - it will enable the Event Log for all VIPs:
    <Device Name="VIP*" Polling="Off">
      <EventRecorder Polling="AlwaysOn"/>



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