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Can you change the device name on a Bacnet network on ATV212 drive?

Published date: 22 January 2020

Wants to change the device name on a Bacnet network, on ATV212 drive.
Product Line:
 ATV212 drives

Bacnet network

 Monitor only

On the ATV212, the Object name will be always “ATV212”.
This object name is forced inside the drive firmware and will be always the same on all ATV212 drives.
On ATV12/212 there is presently no solution to change this Device name on Bacnet, because we don’t have properties in the Device object that we can modify.
The only way to identify a drive will be the instance number.
We have no solution on the drive side without modification of the firmware. An evolution request (PEP0242704R) was done on this subject, but today ATV212 product evolution is not in any project roadmap.

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