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What does a DAN6 Limit Exceeded alarm on a PM8000 mean?

Published date: 08 June 2020

The PM8000 meter is generating a DAN6 Limited exceeded alarm and there is no detailed description of the alarm.

Product Line
PM8000, ION7400, ION7550/ION7650, ION86x0

DAN6 is
Disturbance Analyzer Module 6 and by default it is configured to detect current Swell conditions on the PM8000 meters and other ION meters. The alarm "limit exceeded" on all 3 phases can be generated because the nominal current has not been configured correctly ( 5 amps by default).

There are three options to prevent these nuisance alarms from occurring:

1- Configure the nominal current on the meter using ION Setup or designer by navigating to Basic setup and then PT/CT ratios as shown below. Change the Nominal current to match the system.  The default value is set to 5, the Nominal Current should be configured as the average of the three current phases.

2- Re-configure the pickup and the drop out values of the current swell Disturbance Analyzer Module 6 using ION Setup by navigating to Alarming -> Sag/Swell as shown below:

3- Disable the alarm from the front panel of the meter
- Home Screen -> Setup Menu -> Alarm Setup. 
See FA300259 for information on how to disable alarms from the front panel

4. If it is desired to disable the alarm completely ION setup can be used refer to  FA309505 for further instructions

More information on Disturbance Analyzer module and how to set it up can be found in ION Architecture & ION Modules Reference guide.

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