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Where to find PM600 Firmware?

Published date: 19 June 2020

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Please see attached firmware files.

In order to determine if you need to upgrade the Firmware follow the steps below:

From the Power Meter display
  1. Press the Mode button until "Diagnostics" is displayed.
  2. Press the Select button to enter the Diagnostics mode. Continue to press the Select button until you reach the "F/W OS Version" screen.
  3. Note the present "F/W OS Version"
  4. Press the Mode button to return to the modes list.
  5. If required, follow the instructions for upgrading your firmware in FA237920.
NOTE: The different firmware was released for different hardware used for the PM600 series meters.
If the device firmware is less than or equal to 12.1 then this device cannot be safely upgraded to 23.102 and must only use the 12.1 version as the highest firmware version.
Therefore if your device is presently:

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