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What are the new features in SoMachine Basic v1.4 SP1?

Published date: 05 September 2018

The new features in SoMachine Basic v1.4 SP1 are:
Configuration and Twido conversion enhancements:
  • Keeping configuration and symbols when replacing I/O module (ex: TM2 to TM3)
  • Improving Twido project conversion messages like possibility to not convert macro when opening Twido application
  • Support of modem on SL2
  • TM3TI8T & TM2ARI8HT temperature expansion modules with assistant
  • Grid for IWS and QWS objects
  • Custom symbols for system objects can be viewed and exported from "Symbol list" view and are no more reset when modifying the controller reference
  • Configure automatically new memory bit in PID AT configuration
Online enhancements:
  • Add or delete rung online
  • Allow the modification of some configuration parameters online:
  • Constant values
  • Timer, counter, LIFO/FIFO register, drum and schedule function blocks
  • Set / Reset / Force / Unforce contact and coil value in Ladder rung
  • Add all objects used in a rung to the current animation table
  • Inform if a newer firmware is available for the connected controller and allow to upgrade it
  • Synchronize non program data with the controller
Graphical Grafcet usability enhancements:
  • Remove partial link
  • Insert step above or below the cursor position
  • Cell focus under mouse
  • Preview result when creating link
  • Improve OR and AND operators display
  • Improve tooltips and transition preview in case of OPEN transition or error state
  • Improve drawing to avoid cross wires
Ladder Usability enhancements:
  • Improve management of empty lines at the end of rungs
  • Improve keyboard navigation in Ladder editor
  • Highlight with a different color the selected or modified rung  
  • Drag & drop bits of word from symbol table to Ladder editor
  • Choice to display memory words in Decimal or Hexadecimal in online mode
  • Display constant objects in different format (Decimal, Hexadecimal, Binary, ASCII-8)
  • Improve suggestion list in Ladder: FB parameters/outputs are suggested
  • Free POUs can be cut & pasted
2 new project templates:
  • xSample_M221_COMM_conversion
  • xSample_M221_Drive_conversion
  • Improving documentation and Contextual help
  • Web link to User guide for Twido conversion
  • Improved Memory Consumption View with metadata detail

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