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What is an OHF Fault on an ATV312?

Published date: 12 June 2020

ATV312 with OHF Fault.

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Overheat, high temperature
Drive temperature too high

OHF is an overheating fault.  This may be due to excessive ambient temperature or the drive operating a large motor load over  a long period of time.  The tripping threshold is when the drive thermal state (THD) reaches 118%.  This cannot be disabled or changed. 

Check the ambient temperature around the drive.  They are intended to work in ambient ratings of 40C (104F)
Check that the internal fans are running
Check the motor load, that the motor is sized equal to or less than the drive rating. 
All the drive and motor some time to cool down in high temperature conditions.
If the fans work, the ambient temperature is within range, the termperate sensor, control section or powerboard could be inoperative in which case the drive would need to be replaced.


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