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How to set up the drivers on a new ClearSCADA System?

Published date: 22 June 2020

To install and configure the drivers on a new ClearSCADA system:
  1. Ensure that your system has a valid license for each driver that you want to run.
  2. Use the ClearSCADA Installation Wizard to select the driver component(s) that you need to install.
  3. Use the ClearSCADA Server Configuration Tool to Specify the Common Driver Settings 
  4. Configure any driver-specific server settings.
  5. Add the various driver-specific items—channels, points, and so on—to your system and configure those items in the database
               If relevant, consider using the Automation Interface to import existing system configuration from another source, such as a database spreadsheet.
               Also, consider using Group Templates and Group Instances to replicate like areas of database configuration.
               Remember that by default, ClearSCADA does not store point data historically—if you want ClearSCADA to store data historically for a particular point, you need to enable 
            Historic on the configuration Form for that point.
  1. If required, specify the alarm conditions for which any point types are to have Multiple Point State Alarms.
  2. Set up the required security for the newly added driver items.
          (Remember that security permissions are assigned on a per item/per group basis, whereas access to the various features and functions is assigned on a per user/per user group basis.)

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