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Video: How to enable/disable Ethernet protocols in ION7400, ION8650, PM8000 and ION9000?

Published date: 03 June 2020

Configuring Ethernet Protocols and Port Assignments

Product Line

ION Setup 3.0


Option 1: In ION Setup, in Setup Assistant, navigate to Communications -> Advanced Ethernet -> Protocols tab. Choose the Protocol that needs to be disabled. Change Com ms Enabled for the the protocol to unchecked.

Option 2: In ION Setup, in Advanced mode, navigate to Comms Modules -> Ethernet -> Setup Registers tab. Choose the Protocol that needs to be disabled. Change the register for the the protocol to No

Option 3: The PM8000 and ION7400 series meter can enable/disable ethernet protocols through the webserver. Navigate to Setup -> Ethernet -> Advanced Settings. Choose the protocol that needs to be enabled/ disabled. Change the dropdown menu chose to either Yes/ No. Click on Apply to save changes.

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