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How to control the speed of the Altivar 630 Drive with Local HMI?

Published date: 29 June 2020

ATV630 speed control with local HMI

Product Line:
Altivar ATV630 and ATV930 drives


The drive's speed is to be controlled by the local  HMI

Enter the Main Menu of the Drive. Go to Complete Settings then go to Command and Reference. In this Menu the first parameter is Ref Freq 1 Config which is set to AI1 (Factory default), change this parameter to Ref Freq-Rmt Ter

Main Menu -> Complete Settings -> Command and Reference
-> HMI CMD to Bumpless (Default is Disabled)
-> Ref Freq 1 Config -> Ref Freq-Rmt Term
-> If Start/Stop  from Terminals and Sped control HMI, Control Mode must be changed to Separate

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