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Installation and configuration of ENM 8.3.3

Published date: 04 June 2020

A user is installing and/or confguring Event Notification Module version 8.3.3 (ENM v8.3.3)

Production Line
Event Notification Module 8.3.3

ENM v8.3.3 documentation

It may be necessary to use related documentation when installing/troubleshooting/configuring the ENM v8.3.3 software

Included FAQs for license activation, upgrading, installing, and configuring ENM v8.3.3

- License Activation

- Upgrading
-- APM Version 6.3 (on ION Enterprise 6.0.x) to ENM 8.3 (on PME 8.0)
-- Distributed Installation of ENM 8.x to a Distributed Installation of ENM 8.3.3

- ENM Installation
The ENM installer is included in the PME DVD (.iso)
Open the .iso (of Power Monitoring Expert)
Go to the folder: Event Notification Module
Go to the folder: Installer
Run: MainSetup.exe
Follow the instructions in the guide located in FA338107

- ENM Configuration

- Related Documentation (primarily for v8.2 but greatly applicable to v8.3.3 as well)


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