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Why is a single phase ION 8600 or 8650 failing accuracy testing?

Published date: 04 June 2020

When testing accuracy of new ION 8600/ 8650 meters the testing equipment shows failures.

Product Line
ION 8600
ION 8650

single phase socket meter installations.

Device is installed as a single phase application.

When testing the accuracy of a single phase application the meter must be placed in test mode and configured for single phase testing.

In test mode the meter is switched to a line-neutral calculation for single phase applications. 
When the meter is placed back in run mode the calculations are based on line-line.
The meter is still accurate and the testing is still confirmation of this accuracy but values that are calculated based on all three phases will cause a test set to fail.

For a list of values that are single phase versus three phase, as well as instructions on how to install the meter for single phase applications, please see FA211946.

For a full description of accuracy testing please see Powerlogic ION 8600 and 8650 Accuracy Testing

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