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What are the new changes in Vijeo Designer v6.2 Service Pack 8?

What are the new changes in Vijeo Designer v6.2 Service Pack 8?

Product Line
Vijeo Designer V6.2, Magelis HMIGTO, Magelis HMIG3U


Buildtime Changes

Validating script with extra line breaks at the end
Fixed an issue where validating a script with extra line breaks in key areas of the script caused the application to exit unexpectedly. 
Could not import variables exported as CSV or TXT
Fixed an issue with the Export Variables command when exporting as a CSV or TXT file, which could not be re-imported into the editor.
Integer array variables in script
Fixed an issue in scripts so you can now work with internal integer array variables and assign array values.
File System download and retentive variables
Fixed an the error that occurred when using File System download to update a project on the target machine after either enabling or disabling the retentive feature in variables.
Adding recipe ingredients caused Vijeo Designer to exit unexpectedly
Fixed an issue that caused Vijeo Designer to exit unexpectedly when adding new recipe ingredients.
Unable to use Toolchest-Templates-Equipment
Fixed an issue so you can now use objects from the Toolchest’s Templates/Equipment folder.
Data Transfer Tool command line did not support domain names
Fixed an issue with the Data Transfer Tool so it can now use from the command line domain names defined in the Windows hosts file.
Min/Max fields disabled in the Variable Properties dialog box
Fixed an issue in the Variable Properties dialog box where the Min/Max fields were sometimes mistakenly grayed out and unavailable for editing.
Changing target machine from HMIG3U to HMIG5U caused error 2223
Fixed an issue with the Daylight Saving Time property which displayed error 2223 when changing target types from HMIG3U to HMIG5U.
Switch Settings dialog box does not display fully in Simplified Chinese OS
Fixed an issue so Windows operating systems with the Simplified Chinese locale now display the Switch Settings dialog box properly.
User documentation – maximum number of variables logged in a target
Fixed the online help so it correctly displays the recommended maximum number of variables you can log on HMIGTO target machines.
User documentation – HMIGTO and mouse
Documented performance issues for using a mouse on HMIGTO target machines.
Upload Recipes did not operate properly
Fixed an issue with the Upload Recipes command so when you click the Replace existing recipes option more than once, it correctly uploads and replaces existing recipes.
Runtime Changes

Alarm message did not display in Alarm Summary
Fixed an issue where a popup window triggered by an alarm action prevented the alarm message from displaying in the alarm summary object. 
Active alarms and change screen operations caused project and error messages
Fixed a communication issue that caused project and error messages when using datasharing between projects with alarms triggered over and over again on the datasharing server target machine, while changing screens on the datasharing client target machine.
Synchronizing HMIGTO clock with PLC caused target machine to freeze
Fixed an issue with the run time that caused the HMIGTO target machine to freeze and display daylight saving time messages when frequently synchronizing the clock on the target machine with the PLC clock.
Auto-logout script caused script error
Fixed an issue with the automatic logout script that caused a script error to appear every second.
Straight lines on the editor appeared bent at run time
Fixed an issue where short line objects – drawn on a screen – appeared bent on the target machine.
Variable set up on Illuminated Switch did not work on screen change
Fixed an issue so that even if you change screens, the variable set up in the Illuminated Switch is actively monitored and lights on the Illuminated Switch are updated accordingly.
Two different arrays with variable index value
Fixed an issue where two different array index references with variables as the index number in an expression now evaluate properly.
Serial bar code reader failed to read string with 31 characters
Fixed an issue so that you can now connect serial bar code readers to read character strings 31 characters long.
Momentary switch sometimes performed like a toggle switch
Fixed an issue with variables in Momentary switches so the switch now performs On Touch and On Release operations correctly.
Close current popup window with decision operation
Fixed an issue so you can now close the current popup window by using a decision operation.
Modbus TCP communication issue (error code 8088h)
Fixed the PLC returned error code 8088h message that appeared with the Modbus TCP device driver.

Note: For cumulative changes, see the full release notes: https://www.update.schneider-electric.com/download/HMI/VijeoDesigner/Vijeo_Designer_6.2_SP8_Release_Notes/Vijeo_Designer_6.2_SP8_ReleaseNotes.htm
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