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How does the Sleep Boost Speed Function work on Altivar Process drives?

Published date: 24 June 2020

Needs informaiton on the Sleep Boost Speed Function on Altivar Process drives.

Product line:
Altivar Process, ATV630, ATV930

All models using Sleep function

New parameter that was not available on the older drives.

The Sleep boost is intended to provide the user with a longer sleep time by increasing the system pressure slightly, just before going to sleep (stopping). 

To enable Sleep boost, you must set a Sleep Boost Speed [SLbS] value (Frequency at which you want the drive to run) and the Sleep Boost Time [SLbt] (for how long you want the boost to be activated). 
NOTE:  Take care to not overpressure the system by putting the frequency too high, or boost time for too long

Example -
Sleep Detect Mode [SLPn] = Speed [Spd]
Sleep Min Speed [SLSL] = 30Hz
Sleep Delay [SLPd] = 20s

When running for 20s at 30Hz, the drive will enter the Sleep mode and stop running at the current pressure level.

If you enable the Sleep boost
Sleep Boost Speed [SLbS] = 40Hz
Sleep Boost Time [SLbt] = 60s

After running at Low speed for 20s, the drive will ramp up to 40Hz for 60s to increase the system pressure and then stop running (sleep mode).

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