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What is FLU on the top left of HMI of ATV71?

Published date: 24 June 2020

ATV71 showing FLU on the top left corner of the HMI.

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All serial numbers

Customer wanted to know what is the FLU code on the keypad.

FLU is a status of the drive meaning Motor fluxing in progress.  Under 1.3 Settings in the Drive Menu, Motor Fluxing can be set to FnC (not cont), FCt (Continuous) or Fno (No or Function inactive).

• In [Continuous] (FCt) mode, the drive automatically builds up flux when it is powered up.

• In [Not cont.] (FnC) mode, fluxing occurs when the motor starts up.


Check that the motor will withstand this current without overheating.

Failure to follow this instruction can result in equipment damage.

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