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Seeing Error 606 in DLF-3000 while upgrading firmware of PM800 Series meter

Published date: 04 June 2020

User is not able to upgrade firmware using DLF-3000 for PM800 Series meter, which is serially connected to the computer.
Health Status comes up as Error 606, after doing the Health Check in DLF-3000.

Production Line
PM800 Series

PM800 Series Firmware Upgrade

Error 606 in DLF-3000 means: Device not responding/Device does not respond to request.

First, the user should make sure that all the steps in FA237920 were carefully followed.
Then, make
 sure that communication with PM800 Series meter is possible using other tools like ION Setup, Modbus tester, or ModScan.
If the user has confirmed that communication is possible with the PM800 Series meter using ION Setup/etc., but not in DLF-3000, then please do the following:
  1. Open DLF-3000.
  2. Reach the Setup Connections and Devices step.
  3. Left click the connection that you established under Communication Connections Defined, and then click on the Configure button.
  1. Click on Test Port and see if the you get a the Test Passed message. If yes, then proceed to the next step. If not, then make sure that the configuration settings entered are correct.
  2. In the same window under Devices Defined, left click the Device and click on the Routing button.
  3. Enter the Device/Unit ID under the RT 3 box.
  1. Click on Next, and then close DLF-3000 window.
  2. Re-open DLF-3000 and reach the Health Check step.
  3. Click on Health Check button and make sure you get Health Status as Passed. If yes, follow the remaining steps as in FA237920

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