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Is there a wiring diagram for the ATV630 / ATV650 Process drives when supplied with single phase power?

ATV630/650 Process wiring diagram for single phase power

Product Line:
ATV630 ATV650

Models with single phase ratings

Requesting wiring diagram

There is no published document that includes a wiring diagram for single phase supply.  Note that the power can be connected in any combination:
L1 / L2
L1 / L3
L2 / L3

Note that for single phase supply, the input phase loss feature needs to be disabled.
Complete settings - Error/Warning handling - Input phase loss = Ignore

PLEASE note that the approved use of ATV630/650 drives for single phase input to run 3 phase motors is very limited.   See this knowledge article for detail: https://www.se.com/eg/en/faqs/FA279836/

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