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What can cause an INFD or internal error 13 on the ATV630 and ATV930 Process Drives?

Published date: 02 September 2020

What is the INFD fault on the ATV630 and ATV930 drives?

Product Line:
Altivar Machine, Altivar Process Drives

All model numbers, all serial numbers

One or more Brick are not in operation
Current transformer of the brick damaged


  • Check the high speed link cables (GG45) on the Power board (CMP6) and the Inverter Bricks (CMI1).  This happens if not all pins of the connector have a good connection.
  • Measurement of the U/V/W phase currents of each brick on the paralleling choke to identify the brick with less output current.
  • Manual IGBT test of each Brick with a multimeter (open Motor choke connections)
  • Check the Inverter board and the CMI1 board (the communication board on the Inverter board) for visible damages.
  • Run the motor for a certain time (if possible) and check the thermal state of each brick.  The one with a lower temperature does not switch on the IGBTs and has to be replaced.

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