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EM4200 Energy Scaling Factors

Published date: 04 June 2020

What are energy scaling factors (multipliers) in EM4200?

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EM4200 Modbus Register
PME Vista

Some Integer values must be multiplied by a scale factor (typically a fraction) to be read correctly. This is done to allow integer numbers to represent fractional numbers. The scale factor values are calculated by the meter when it is configured based on the Number of CTs, CT and PT ratios, etc. The scale factors only change if the meter configuration changes. There are scale factors for the integer Amps (I), Volts (V), Watts (W), and Energy (E) in the meter configuration area. The scale factor is a signed integer that translates to a multiplier to scale the integer to its units according to the following table:
Scale Factor I (Current)  integer
-10 to +10
Scale Factor V (Voltage)  integer 4189
Scale Factor W (Power)  integer 4190
Scale Factor E (Energy)  integer 4191

Register 4191 has the energy scaling factor. Once this register is read by a Modbus tester, then refer to the following table to find the multiplier:
Scale Factor Multiplier
-6 0.000001
-5 0.00001
-4 0.0001
-3 0.001
-2 0.01
-1 0.1
0 1
1 10
2 100
3 1000
4 10000
5 100000
6 1000000

NOTE: In case Power Monitoring Expert (PME) is installed, an alternative way to find the scaling factor is by referring to the devices diagram in Vista > Diagnostics tab.

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