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Vista , Data Log Viewer does not show up any added PC-based logging values for more than 16 values in ION6200?

Published date: 18 December 2019

Product Line

Power Monitoring Expert (PME) 9.0

ION6200 does not have On-board logging option, and since it is a native Device, PME has predefined 6200.ion and 6200.xml drivers as PC-based logging that has been set to log some limited parameters(8).

It is expected to have more logged values by selecting the desired parameters in that 'Configure Logging and Calculation' page under Device Type Editor Tool.
But when the number of selected logged parameters exceed than 16, PME, Vista won't show up any added logged values more than 16 parameters through Data Log Viewer or Report and one Error mesage appears in MC, System Log Events: Recorder PC-Log 2@Group_B.Test6200 has an unsupported name PC-Log 2.

Each Data Recorder Module in PME has maximum 16 Input Sources that ION6200 Driver assigns to selected parameters. For any additional paramaters more than 16 logged values, Driver will assign them to second, third and more Data recorders which is called PC-Log 2, PC-Log 3 and more.
In order to fix this issue, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the foder \Schneider Electric\Power Monitoring Expert\config\template and find Driver files: 6200.ion and 6200.xml
2. Take a backup of 6200.xml and 6200.ion file in seperate folder.
3. Edit both .xml & .ion files by replacing all "PC-Log x" into "Data Rec x". If you have added more than 32 parameters, then you should repeat this step for all PC-Log 3, and more.
    For example: PC-Log 2 that should be replaced by Data Rec 2.
Note: Adding any log values with different Interval time other than 15 min, will create another PC-Log x regardless of number of existing logged values.

4. Save the Files and copy them under \Schneider Electric\Power Monitoring Expert\config\translators.
5.Restart the ION-Network Router Service.
6. Now check in Vista and Designer you will be able to see the Data Rec 2 or Data rec3 module through Data Log Viewer object.

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