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What causes "Error Code:1820 Communication Failure" in Vijeo Designer?

Published date: 03 December 2019

Unable to download to Magelis HMI using Vijeo Designer. Error Code 1820 Communication Failure appears in the feedback zone.

Product Line:
Vijeo Designer (all versions)

One possible cause of this error is when the Secondary storage (CF or SD card) has too much data logged for data logging. When there are thousands of files on the Secondary storage, it can cause the runtime to take a very long time to reboot. If you trigger a download from Vijeo Designer, it will reboot to start the download process. However, if it takes a long time to reboot, the download connection from the PC will timeout. To resolve this, clear the CF or SD card before downloading to the HMI. A best practice to follow is to regularly retrieve logged data and clear it from the Secondary storage device.

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