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Remote Connect: Create a group - add it to a Browser

Published date: 24 December 2019

For ease of viewing, Remote Connect provides the ability to create groups of registers which can then be added to a Browser.  Follow the steps below to:
  1. Create a browser
  2. Create a group
  3. Add points to the group
  4. Add the group to the Browser
1. From the ‘Device DTM’ Configuration dialog | Objects tab select the ‘Object Browsers’ branch.  Click the ‘Add Browser’ button to create a new Browser.  In the example below, a Browser with the name Test01 is created.

2. Now, in the same tab, on the ‘Object Configuration’ branch add/select a point from the table.  In the example below a new point is added by clicking the ‘Add Object’ button.

3. The new point is given the name DIN_test and is set as a Digital point.  To add this point to a new group, manually type in the name of the group that you want to use.  In the example below the new group is named Group1. 

(Note: once a group is created in this way it will then be available from the drop-down list when adding/selecting any subsequent points.)

4. Under the ‘Object Browsers’ branch the new Browser (that was created in step 1 above) should be present.  Click the ‘Add Entry’ button to add a new group to this Browser.