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PME Licensing breaks when upgrading PME 8.2 CU3 + SU2 to PME 9.0

Published date: 04 March 2020

PME Licensing breaks when upgrading PME 8.2  CU3 + SU2 to PME 9.0. After the upgrade there are two Floating License Managers and License Managers in the Control Panel Programs and Features. Licensing does not work and there are licensing errors when trying to open any PME applications.

Product Line
PME 8.2 to PME 9.0 upgrade only.

This is a bug in the installer for this particular upgrade scenario.

Uninstall both LM and FLM from the control panel and apply PME 9.0 CU2 and SU1.
If the CU2 and SU1 have already been applied uninstall both LM and FLM and then install the latest version from SU1 by unzipping the executable and navigating to <extract_path>\PME 9.0 Security Update 1\Product\Setup\SetupSupport\Licensing and running the setup.exe in LicenseManager and FloatingLicenseManager folders.

Note: Existing licenses do not need to be returned while perform the resolution.

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