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Why does a new factory wired PM5000 or PM8000 meter does not power ON?

Published date: 30 March 2020


This happened often where a new wired PM5000/PM8000 meter mounted in an enclosure will not power ON after installation , which can lead to a troubleshooting case.

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A brand-new equipment not functioning can be very frustrating. The symptoms such as the control power is not connected, the disconnect switch is opened or does not have fuse(s), the primary of the control power transformer has an unconnected leg, or no jumper on the neutral has been installed.


 In fact, one or more of the reasons above can lead to a nonfunctional meter (the display does not turn ON). In most of the cases it not a failure,
saying the meter or the display is defective, but generally the control power has been left unconnected for convenience, or the customer may require to provide other additional

supply to finalize the installation; like a fuse, current transformer (CT), potential transformer (PT), jumper, … Before powering the equipment.
it is imperative that you verify what is included, while some of the accessories may be provided by the customer to complete the installation.
This information can be found in the project drawing or the pamphlet accompanying the equipment.

Thinking about all these reasons and having the drawing ready will make the job easy, otherwise it could be time consuming,
or you may be forced to call Technical Support while on site. Therefore, the following factory illustrations  on figures 1, 2 and 3 with the support of the drawings
and meters documentation linked are handy for PM5000 series and PM8000 series meters.

Figure 1: PM5000/PM8000 Control Power.

FIGURE 1: PM5000 or PM8000 meter, the primary of the control power transformer Figure 1 is left unconnected, so the customer  will use a jumper to connect the
T20A-1 and either one of the following points accordingly to the
voltage system from 208 to 600 V AC; see Figure 1.2 - Detail A, Figure 1.3 - Detail B, and Figure 1.4 - Detail 
  • T20A-1 and T20A-2 => Transformer connector H2 - 208/240 V AC. -> Fig. 1.2
  • T20A-1 and T20A-3 => Transformer connector H4 - 480 V AC. -> Fig. 1.3
  • T20A-1 and T20A-4 => Transformer connector H5 - 600 V AC. -> Fig. 1.4
For the same control power, the cause may be on the status of the disconnected switch (FDS2006) and/or the fuse (F2006) on Figure 1.5.

Figure 2: PM5000 Series Meter Control Power

FIGURE 2: PM5000 series meter does not power ON because the connector on Figure 4 was discontinue. This connector derives the Neutral on
the Voltage inputs (5 - VN) as well as the meter Control Power on (9 -L2).

Using a Fluke or any reliable multi meter, measure the voltage across 8 - L1 and 9- L2, Figure 2.1, this should be equal to your voltage between
Line and Neutral because the control power in this case is connected between Line and Neutral, if the reading is 0 V - Move to,
- Figure 2.2, measure your inputs voltage between each Phase and the Neutral, if you cannot read your nominal voltage VL-N, verify your Fuses (F1-F3),
if you read the correct voltage - Move to,
- Figure 2.4: make sure there is continuity between the Neural - WHT wire and the control power on 9-L2.

Figure 3: HDM Control Power

FIGURE 3: PM5000 Meter for High Density Enclosure (HDM)
Using jumpers, control power can be derived from the phase conductors. Control power can
also be supplied by a separate feed or auxiliary power. In case the control Power originates from two Phases you will require two fuses or
one fuse on the Phase for one Phase and the Neutral. In this case please look at the status of the disconnect switch and the fuse(s). See Figure 3.

See the following links for documentation: 
- PM5000 series meter click FA234023.
- PM8000 series meter: click FA244498.
- High Density Meter (HDM): click here.


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