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Can an AFDD replace an earth leakage current protection device?

Published date: 18 March 2020

The new AFDD comes with different versions:
- Without a protection against earth leakage current (Catalogue No. A9TS1225 for commercial applications). In this case, AFDD, can help to provide a protection against arc faults (serial arc faults, parallel arc faults and arc to earth). Indeed, even if it helps to protect against electrical arcs between phase and earth, because of its design and technology, monitoring and protection provided by arc detectors is not equivalent to the one provided by a traditional earth leakage protection device.
- With a protection against earth leakage current. All Clipsal branded AFDD references for residential applications and remaining Schneider branded AFDD references for commercial applications come with protection against earth leakage current. in this case AFDD can provide a combined protection against overcurrent, overvoltage, arc faults (serial arc fault, parallel arc fault and arc to earth) and earth leakage.

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